Friday, June 26, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I asked my husband if he would guest blog about the sudden passing of Michael Jackson but no such luck. It's too bad too because while I, like most people, love(d) the King of Pop, Billy is a Michael Jackson fan. At least, that's what his second grade poster all about him read: Billy is a Michael Jackson fan. I looked and looked for the photograph of him standing next to it (I know it's here somewhere) but no luck with that either. I did, however, find the collage I made for his 30th birthday party and on it was one of the photos I wanted to share. Check it out - right there in the middle is a photo of Bill dressed up as Michael Jackson for Halloween in 2nd grade.

If you look real close you can see his one silver sequined glove and a Beat It shirt poking out from beneath his leather jacket. Is that a wig? you ask. No! It's his 7 year old hair DYED and PERMED to look like Michael Jackson's! What's up with his face? His nanny (the woman conveniently located to the left of young Billy on the collage) used her make up to turn him into one hell of a convincing young Michael. I wish I had some of the other photos - you know, the ones of him going to school on a normal day with a jet black jheri curl. I wonder how long it took to go back to normal...

I think it's very sad that Micheal Jackson is gone. He was a true American icon who changed the face of music and video and celebrity forever. I can't even begin to imagine how many people he impacted. Have you ever met a musician who wasn't inspired in some way by Michael Jackson? I haven't. And as a non-musician, he totally changed my life too. If it wasn't for my sister needing to listen to Thriller every night as she drifted off to asleep, I may never have gotten my own room (I couldn't sleep with the music on and she slept on her side so headphones didn't work). Now, I find myself listening to classic Michael Jackson at least once a week. It just makes the house feel good.

It seems so crazy that on the very same day Michael Jackson passed away Farrah Fawcett died, too. I must admit I only really know her from her hair and the poster. I think I was a little young to watch Charlie's Angels when it was in its prime but then again, I never saw Star Wars as a kid either. Maybe it wasn't that I was too young - maybe I was just kind of a dork.

Here's how you know she was an icon: I never saw the show yet I still knew who she was. I got a hand-me-down Farrah Fawcett head (with "real hair" to practice feathering on!) from my neighbor and never for one second questioned who it was supposed to be. And in between fourth and fifth grade, I found a Farrah-esque wig at a yard sale and wore it around the house all summer long.

Yeah, I was totally a dork.

Speaking of hair...

I got a hair cut! Here are some photos Liam took this morning:

It will probably never look like this again because, even though I had years of practice on the fake Farrah head, I still cannot replicate a professional blow out at home. But, then again, these photos were taken after riding in the car with the windows down, drinking beer in the back yard on a very sweaty night, and sleeping all night long. So, I guess there's hope yet.

I like it because it's versatile.

It looks good with a sombrero...

...and a hunter's cap!

Playing dress up is fun.


Katie said...

hee hee! Love the hair and you always look stylish and modern and put togethere...someday I hope to be the same! Lizzie and I both had Michael Jackson posters in our rooms in elementary school too, and the Thriller dance was done lots at the lady that used to watch us after schools house!

Girl Healthy said...

Love the new do!

sawaya said...

I LOVE it. Damn Bill for not guest blogging! You totally need to find some more pics of him as Michael Jackson and post.
I also love the new hair and how versitle it is with all the different hats!

Celina said...

I would have loved to hear what Bill had to say on MJ, too.
I'm just gonna go ahead and say it--I love Michael Jackson. He definitely impacted my childhood. In my mind, he will always be young, beautiful, and a talented genius. (Didn't know I had such strong feelings for him until his death...)

:) CQ

P.S. Cute hair!