Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was having a little morning writer's block so I went on Facebook looking for some inspiration. This is typically a very bad idea. Facebook may seem fun at the time but really all it's doing is wasting our time. Right? I mean, is there an easier way to blow 30 minutes without realizing it? Nope.

But sometimes, like this morning, we forgive its time sucking ways and appreciate it for what it has to offer.

30 minutes for a totally funny video interpretation of a song I secretly love? That's a deal I'll take every time.


sunT said...


Katie said...

love it! Any song using the word douchebag is a winner in my book. Also, totally weird video originally! Also, this does NOT qualify as blogging. We are on the edge of our couches waiting for your next blog...with lots of words.