Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Funner than fun.

Here are three easy ways to make your super fun night out even more fun. All you need is a digital camera and enough self esteem (or alcohol) to make a fool of yourself in public without giving a rat's ass. I chose to kick it up a notch at a friend's 30th birthday party with a large group of girls I had just met but you can apply the following guidelines to just about any social situation.

Photo Assignment 1: "I'm at a party but I'm dead inside"

This is how the whole taking pictures thing got started. I noticed one of the girls at the party had just ordered a couple of drinks from the bar. Since they were not clearly labeled like my PBR, I asked her what they were. "Slippery nipples," she replied. I tried not to choke on my beer and asked who the second one was for. "They're both for me," she said. "I have really high tolerance." I fell in love a little bit and asked if I could take her picture.

Then my sister and I died laughing for about 5 minutes. I mean, come on! Does she or does she not look totally dead inside? I just think it's awesome to pose for a photo like this. We were beyond inspired but erasing all life from your face when you're in the middle of a loud honky tonk is really hard. We had to try for a long long time before we finally got it right.

Then we shared the fun with some of the other girls in our party.

I know it's hard to tell because of the whole dead inside thing but trying not to laugh or smile or show any signs of life whatsoever is one of the funniest damn things ever! Whenever we were not trying really really hard to get a picture, we were all laughing hysterically.

Photo Assignment 2: Try to be in every single picture.

At some point in the night my sister Molly and our friend Sarah decided they wanted to be in every picture that was taken the rest of the night. This was not some ha ha, wouldn't that be funny kind of idea. Nooooo. They were completely serious. And so determined!

Sometimes they worked as a team, while other times they had to split up to cover multiple cameras.

A couple of random people at the bars saw what they were doing and thought they'd try to get in on the fun.

But they were no match for the dynamic duo.

Wherever there was a camera...

...that's where you'd find them.

Yes, that's Molly's hand.


Photo Assignment 3 - Strike a pose.

Jealous of all the fun Molly and Sarah were having, I came up with a little game of my own. I wouldn't necessarily try to be in photos but if it just so happened I was in a shot, I'd be sure to give a nice wide open mouthed smile. Every time.

This assignment works with just about any pose you like. Tongue out, winking, peace sign - these are all acceptable choices. The only real key is consistency. And you might want to be careful when choosing a pose. For example, in retrospect, I can see that a big ol' gaping mouth is not necessarily a good look for me. It makes me look somewhat certifiable or, at the very least, wasted. Until I saw these photos I was pretty offended by how hung over I was. I thought surely I didn't deserve such punishment - I had only had a few beers! (Or something like that...) But once I started clicking through pictures and saw photo after photo of my tonsils, my throbbing head made a little more sense.

Next time I'll choose the thinker's pose.


Sip said...

Hahaha Jessica is not amused at our little game in that last picture!

I have never played these picture games before, but I see much more of it in my future! Good times indeed!

p.s. It has been a life long dream of mine (and by life I mean approximately 10 months or so) to be a part of your blog...dreams do come true!

Celina said...

I love the pics of you and Molly being all dead inside. Totally awesome.

LClaire said...

Ha HA!!!! It looks like ya'll had a BLAST! Storing away the photo idea for a future event :)

Katie said...

my favorite is the girl that bought herself 2 shots, and that you "fell in love a little bit", still chuckling:)

sunT said...

i have to admit its easy to :fall in love" with 2 shot girl.. i know i did.
the C. line looks like she is in a jailhouse courtyard or somthing. too funny as always you make me laugh! i LOVE IT!