Thursday, August 20, 2009

Giddy up.

Unlike some grandmas who like to knit or bake or play bunco, Liam's grandma has slightly more unusual interests. Sure, she does water aerobics (I think it's required for all women over 50), but she also goes bowling once a week and likes to deface public property with her friends. It's what we received in the mail today, though, that I think she likes the very best of all.

I can't believe I had forgotten about her love of t-shirts that make you look like someone else! It's such a big part of who she is. I mean, it's not quite an obsession, but you certainly couldn't see a shirt like that hanging in a souvenir shop without thinking, Wow, my mom would really like that! (Or hearing your husband say, Look babe! We should totally get that for your mom...)

You would think that after she wore the one that made her look like a buxom bikini model to my going away party when I was in college and about to leave for my year abroad in England, her little hobby or whatever would be burned into my memory forever.

I wonder if it was the same bikini model shirt she took on her trip to Hawaii or if she and my aunt and their friends all bought new bikini model shirts specifically for their island adventures. Surely my mom doesn't have two bikini model shirts? Then again, it is kind of her thing.

I like to imagine an outdoorsy looking guy standing on a platform in the rain forest as four middle aged women in bikini body tee shirts came flying at him on zip lines yelling, "Towanda!" and laughing so hard it was just a matter of time before they peed their pants.

I know the box was addressed to Liam, but this shirt is fun for the whole family!


Linnet said...

ha ha ha, I just laughed out loud at these photos!

Katie said...

love it! Especially the pics and the Fried Green Tomates reference!

Advanced Child Behavior Solutions said...

I don't know if moms obsession is too far from our Halloween costumes a few years ago. Maybe the shirts make her feel as awesome and proud as our little baby bodies made us feel. I love that Bill and I both tried again with different people, did not get support, got grumpy, and drank too much. We're a lot alike...