Monday, August 17, 2009

I disappear.

Whew, another week without a post. What the heck have I been doing?


I've been very posh, hanging out at the fancy hotel restaurant/bar at the Hermitage Hotel for the first time in my life not once, but twice in one week (I know! Who do I think I am?). First I got invited to a tomato themed Slow Food dinner that was five courses of decadent goodness paired with lots of wine and a tomato infused martini. *Drool* Then, the very next night our Pinkies Up Fine Art and Drinking Appreciation Society (it's far too classy to be called a club) met at the hotel bar for drinks and snacks (like lobster corn dogs!) before heading out to see the Cluck Close exhibit at the Frist.

Totally high brow. Just look at our pinkies!

Okay, maybe not so much (yes, that is the bathroom).

Oh boy. (As you can imagine, the rest of the photos cannot be shared)

I've been doing the mom thing all over town - library, park, museum, pool...even the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro! (And no, the fact that we had to drive through McDonalds on the way home had nothing to do with the incredible drinks I had the night before at The Patterson was because of all the wine I had with dinner!).

I, once again, tackled the ridiculous job of trying to prune and weed our side yard. I keep telling my neighbors that we're from the dessert and have NO IDEA what we're doing but I'm sure they're starting to wonder when the heck we will figure it out (it's been almost five years, after all). Bill was a sport and helped me which was great because if I had seen a snake in the grass by myself, I most certainly would have peed my pants and never stepped foot in the yard again.

Here's sort of what the after looks like.

As in: After several days of hard labor, it still kind of looks like crap.

I didn't think to take a picture of the before. Just imagine the after with all these vines and weeds still attached:

Good times.

I've been visiting Parent's Day Out programs and trying to decide where to send my boy this Fall. He ixnayed one because it was "too bad" and "smelled like strawberries". The one he has yet to dismiss is the one I like, too. It's close to home; Spanish immersion; "green" (there's a garden and compost pile); not too churcy (it's at a church but I don't think the ABCs are like A is for Adam, B is for bible...); and keeps three, four, and five year olds in a classroom together (Liam's a big fan of the older ladies). We dropped off our application today and my fingers are crossed that he continues to like it even after he starts going there twice a week.

I've also been reading (How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk) and writing (I figured I'd go ahead and try writing a book! Why the heck not?!).

I've been trying out some new yoga classes at the Y. Low point - going with a friend who got KICKED OUT OF CLASS for modifying the moves to suit her bulging baby belly; high point - getting a juice and a compliment from an instructor I had never met before (juice because I was a "newbie"; compliment because I "showed great skill"!). Bill is going to go with me tonight and I'm really, really excited. We haven't yogad together since we lived in Reno!

I also had to do the real cleaning job instead of the surface cleaning job because we have a friend staying at our house while he is in town for a training. He is awesome and I will tell you more about him later. Right now, I've got to check a few more things off my list before Liam wakes up from his nap (and by nap I mean quiet time and by quiet time I mean extremely quiet time. Yesterday he was in his room silent for almost three hours - I would never have known he didn't sleep if he hadn't told me he was all done "resting quietly but not sleeping". Ha!).


hezza said...

this one of my favorite updates
can't explain it, just is.

Annie said...

Yes! Finally Maggie Conran book is in the works! Can't wait to hear more as you go along the journey of writing it. And is it my imagination, or are you rocking a short cropped 'do? Maybe it was just an updo for the fancy pinky place?