Monday, August 3, 2009

Nashville state of mind.

We moved to Nashville at the end of September 2004 and by Halloween weekend already had house guests. My sister and Camille, a girl we kinda-sorta knew from Reno who had friends in Nashville, coordinated a trip out to help us break in our new home. To have so much fun in a place we hardly knew - that also happened to be where we lived - was surreal. From that weekend on, we never looked back: Nashville was home.

We've had lots of visitors over the years and always enjoy showing off our hometown. The honky tonks and meat & threes, the laid back front porch lifestyle, the abundant greenery (most impressive to folks from Reno), the incredibly friendly and genuine people, the stuff you just wouldn't expect from the country music capital of the bible belt (like rock & roll and liberals), and the totally unexpected sights and sounds that make you want to scream, "Yes! This is where I live! Isn't it great?"

We were driving home from the Farmer's Market with an
out-of-towner when we spied this cross crossing the street.

We beamed and shrugged like, "I guess that's Nashville!"

This weekend Camille is in Nashville again with her boyfriend and the super cute retro trailer they borrowed from a friend. They both got laid off from their jobs and are touring the country looking for a new place to settle down and find work. Bill says it's like a modern day Grapes of Wrath which I suppose it kind of is (although decidedly more romantic).

They spent time checking out Albuquerque, Austin and New Orleans before arriving in Nashville. While I'm sure these cities are lovely places to park your ride, we would like nothing more than for our city to rein supreme. We want Nashville to win, dammit, and we're doing everything in our power to make sure it does!

Pick me, pick me!

At least, we want to do everything in our power to make sure it does. But Bill and I are both a little under the weather which means our ability to host with the most has gone right out the window. (I caught a cold last week that really rocked my world and just as I was about to rejoin the living, I passed it on to Bill. Now we're both hacking and coughing and wanting nothing more than to lay low and get healthy again.)

Fortunately, Music City USA has picked up the slack.

Just look at that sky! It's blue and has clouds. No hazy blanket of heat and humidity here! And I know it's hard to tell from a picture, but the air is not the least bit sticky. It's like...tolerable. In August! That's just unheard of.

We were driving around town on Sunday with the windows rolled down (still no air conditioning in my car...thank you unseasonably nice weather for not killing me this summer!) thinking, "Wow! This Nashville sure is a cute place to live!"

Then we went to watch the Titans practice because it was open to the public and couldn't help but feel even more hometown pride. "Just look at all these Nashville fans coming together to support our team. Now that's what I call community!"

It was a perfect day (weather wise) to have people from out of town passing through. But we've been careful to point out to our friends that the summer months are not always this nice; that last year at this time we were hunkered around the air conditioning with all the curtains drawn closed, cursing whatever it is that brought us to this this godforsaken bog.

At least, I think we mentioned that.


If all else fails, I've got a secret weapon.

Good luck topping that, Albuquerque!


Nashville won! All those blue skies helped but I think it's the concrete skate park that sealed the deal. Yay! Now I need your help. How does one move across the country? I mean, I know how we did it - bought a house, moved to town, then found jobs - but we had enough money from selling our house in Reno to survive without income for a while. If you don't have a little financial cushion, how do you make it happen? Is there a smart way to go about it or should they just hit the road like a couple of Okies and hope for the best? (Staying with us while they get on their feet is not an option - she's allergic to cats and we're rich with dander.)

PS - I stole the title for this post from a kick ass documentary that lots of our friends were a part of.

Now I bet you want to live here too!


Celina said...

From reading your blog, Maggie, Nashville does sound pretty darn quaint. I'm interested in it myself...
As for picking up and moving, well, when I moved from Seattle to Hawaii, I didn't have much of a financial cushion (about a month's worth of bill and rent money). My original intention was to move to Maui, and I tried that for about a week. I moved over, rented a cheap car, stayed in a hostel and looked for a job and a place to live. Everything worked out beautifully and I found work and a room in a house in a quaint town in under a week...but then I freaked out at how quickly I had manifested everything and came back to Oahu and stayed with my brother for 7 months. I often wonder what would have happened had I stayed on Maui...
But I guess my point is this: it IS doable to move someplace, stay in a hotel/hostel while looking for a job and place to live and actually not break the bank. It's a bit stressful as you might feel like time is crunched, and you might have to take a job that isn't necessarily your dream (the job I found was in the deli of a natural foods store) in order to get some money flowing in, but the experience taught me to trust in the universe that I am taken care of and that my needs are met...

Linnet said...

No idea about how to move across country, I can't even get out of my apartment to the other side of town. But I can say is that things fall into place in a way one never expects when you take a leap and try to change your life for the best. Send them my welcome to Nashvegas!