Monday, October 12, 2009

Miss Courtney makes a house call!

As you probably know, Liam is a HUGE Courtney Jaye fan (excuse me, a huge Miss Courtney fan). He listens to her songs every day, knows them by heart and talks about her all the time. She is so present in our home, it feels like she's a member of the family.

Recently Liam started asking if we could invite Miss Courtney over for dinner. He even made a list one night of all the people he wanted to invite over to our house. As you can see, Miss Courtney came in at number one.

From the top - Ms Courtney, Ella (his friend from Spanish class), Sean & Erin (our friends), Todd (either his friend from Spanish or Baby Jack's dad), and Steve (our neighbor).

Since Bill and I happen to know her, we decided we may as well try to introduce her to her number one fan. She was absolutely thrilled to see video of Liam singing her songs and said she would be honored to come over the next time she was in town.

Last week she came to Nashville for a couple of shows and, true to her word, stopped by the house. Here's how it went down:

As soon as I mentioned she was coming over, Liam ran to get dressed and started waiting by the door. Unfortunately I told him first thing in the morning that she would be coming over that night so the entire day was Is Miss Courtney here yet? When is Miss Courtney going to be here? Maaamuuuh - I WANT MISS COURTNEY!

Bill got home from work signaling Liam's patience to completely run dry. I suppose telling him Miss Courtney will be here after Daddy gets home could have been slightly misleading.

We heard a knock at the door. Liam ran down the hall screaming, Miss Courtney! Miss Courtney!, threw open the door with the utmost of confidence, then gasped, clapped both hands over his open mouth, and backed slowly into his room where he stood frozen in sheer amazement.

She hugged him; he hugged her back. Bill and I looked at each other like Where is that slow to warm up to new people kid we've grown to know and love?

He showed her around the house, ending the tour in his room. He showed her his CD player and his Miss Courtney CD, then turned on his favorite Jesus and Mary Chain song. She handed him her new full length album with 5 songs he had never heard before (available tomorrow on iTunes!!!).

Then, they started to sing.




Can you imagine anything more amazing? I mean, what three year old gets to have his favorite singer come to his room and sing duets with him? Minds were blown all around. It was a night that will never be forgotten.

As if that wasn't enough, we got to see Miss Courtney play with her band at Live on the Green two nights later. We sat right up front and Liam was completely star struck. I don't think he so much as blinked the entire show.

When her set was over, we called to her from the crowd and she came over to hug Liam (imagine!). As we were standing there talking to her, Baby Sia and her mom spotted us and came over to say hi. Suddenly Liam completely lost his cool. Instead of looking at Miss Courtney or talking to her, he started pointing at her and shouting, "Baby Sia, this is Miss Courtney! Right here! Miss Courtney, Baby Sia! THIS IS HER!!!" If he'd had a marker, he totally would have had her sign his chest.

Liam now has completely unrealistic expectations. He wants to know when The Fresh Beat Band is coming over for dinner and refuses to believe me when I tell him The Beatles will most likely not be able to come sing in his room. I'm sure we're in for lots of disappointment and will probably have to be the bearers of bad news more often than we'd like, but I hope he believes anything is possible for a long, long time.

With nights like these, how could you not?


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sunT said...

awwww that is so awesome. that is so sweet of her to have a one on one sing along..he is in heaven! i am sure he will remember this for a long time!

caroline said...

how great! i'm pretty sure i heard some harmony in there too...

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine how exciting that must have been for him! I love that he and Sia had been talking about it. Oh, and i am totally buying that album, her voice is so beautiful- Liam has great taste!