Friday, October 2, 2009

Tennessee Thurdsay | TN State Museum by day, Live on the Green by night.

Yesterday I spent the morning at the Tennessee State Museum learning the ropes for my upcoming temp job as Saturday Gift Shop Girl Extraordinaire (I think that's my title - I'll have to double check). The mama I babysit for is the manager there and when she needed someone to fill in for a bit on the weekends, she was thoughtful enough to come to me. A new adventure and a little extra cash? Count me in!

After she showed me where everything is and taught me how to use the register (total flashbacks to my Christmastime jobs at Macy's a hundred years ago!), she gave me a tour of the museum and some of the archives. Here's a fun fact for you: Did you know that anyone who is a Tennessean can send their stuff to the Tennessee State Museum and they have to archive it and keep it forever? You would not believe how many people take advantage of this. And not just historically relevant Tennesseans or cash in the attic type people. Oh no. Normal everyday people with totally pointless crap go out of their way to will their stuff to the state so when they die a piece of them will live on. Who knew?! As we wandered around the warehouse I saw a bright yellow Yamaha motorcycle helmet, an electric disco ball and a massive collection of Mickey Mouse souvenirs. Among many, many other things. You name it, I bet the poor state museum has it labeled and archived in their collection.

It made me take stock of what I have and think about what I would want to survive me in a state run storage facility. I couldn't come up with a single thing. It reminded me of the night before when I was digging through my closet, looking for things to bring to a clothing swap. On the one hand, I felt like I had nothing extra to give away (all my clothes fit in the small closet I share with my husband, I am not a big shopper, and I give sacks of clothes to charity every time I can't find enough hangers to finish the laundry). On the other hand, I could easily have given every last article of clothing and not missed a single piece. The only reason I didn't is because, then what would I wear?

At the clothing swap I had no interest in looking for new digs either. While the other girls tried on new clothes and parted sorrowfully with old clothes, I sipped vodka cocktails while reading US Weekly (like crack, I tell ya) and sneaking brownies from the kitchen. Shopping (even free shopping) is sort of lost on me. I don't know what it is. I did come home with a new purse and a hair dryer though and, as always, had lots of fun.

In case you were wondering what my boss lady looks like.

Enough about me being fashionably challenged - back to my Tennessee Thursday!

After the museum and some quiet time at home, we picked up a friend and went across the bridge to Live on the Green downtown. It's an outdoor concert series featuring local artists that takes place on the big grassy field in front of the court house. I have driven past this exact spot at least a million times and never even noticed the grass. How weird is that? The coolest thing about this invisible grass field is that it is actually a green roof - underneath is a parking garage. Isn't that cool? Anyway, it was a beautiful night for listening to live music outside. And chilly enough that I got to see Liam in his super cute new hoodie.

Funny thing about that hoodie? In a pinch, it can totally be turned into a hippie-esque pair of pants.

See, Liam went off to explore the fountain with his Dada and came back with a soaking wet lower half. At first we convinced him to hang out in his wet jeans which, could you imagine? Yuck. I was shocked he went for it at all (I would never wear wet jeans!) and, even though I didn't have anything for him to change into, I was all for it when he was like, "Hey guys, this is bullshit - I'm taking off my pants." As long as he kept a jacket on his lap, no one could tell he was naked from the waist down (he's still going commando). But, of course, that didn't last long. So we fashioned a toga style diaper out of Bill's jacket so we could carry him off to find a potty (or "shadowy spot to pee" as it were). But it looked ridiculous and was like an open invitation for him to play with his junk. So I turned his hoodie into pants! And, really, I have to say - they were not a bad substitute for a thoughtfully packed diaper bag.

Oh whatever, it did the job.

Honestly, though? I'm glad Liam ended up half naked last night. See, next week Liam's most favoritest singer of all time - Miss Courtney Jaye - is playing Live on the Green. So last night was really just a dress rehearsal. Not bringing a change of clothes (or wading in a fountain with jeans on at 8:00 at night - however you want to look at it) was a kink that needed to be worked out before the big night. This is why we practice, people! Now that that's behind us, we are ready for Miss Courtney! We might even have all of our clothes on when we meet her.


hezza said...

this part about Liam and his pants made me laugh and snort.

you are so damn funny.

Cora White said...

you are funny. i should have caught the pants caption and seen where it was going.