Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tricked out | DIY Halloween decorations.

I came up with another totally legit reason to get crafty: Halloween! Now, I don't mean any disrespect to my son, but this might be my most favorite thing I've ever made:

It's just construction paper pictures I made to spell out trick-or-treat. It hangs outside on the front porch and makes me crazy happy every time I see it. Here are some close ups of a few of my favorite letters:

Oh, what fun I had hunched over the coffee table cutting and gluing and coming up with clever ideas like, A skeleton can totally make a K! It does not take much to amuse me...

(PS - If you aren't all selfish and OCD when it comes to crafting, making letters into pictures would be a perfect activity to do with your kids!)

Once the outside was all tricked out (ha!), I moved inside to up the spooky factor just a bit. Our front entry hall is a great place to decorate because it's a neutral space that sets the holiday mood without making us feel like we've moved to a cheesy theme restaurant (the exception, of course, is Christmas - I want this baby dripping with holiday goodness come December 1st). Here's our haunted hall of terror:

The skeleton is a sketch a friend of ours did. I used to have it out all the time but bringing it out just for Halloween makes it feel much more special. And totally appropriate, don't you think? The only other major decoration I did in the house was a collage of photos from Halloweens-past.

Halloween photos are often the best of the best but having them up all year round doesn't quite work. This big frame ($9 at Dollar General) lets us enjoy our fun photos and old costumes once a year without the novelty wearing off. What a spooktacular idea! (In case you're wondering - the photo in the bottom left corner is me and Bill when we were Patsy and Edina from Ab Fab; on the right hand side, just below the group photo at the pumpkin patch, is Bill dressed as a sock monkey...any others you're curious about, just ask!).

Happy crafting!


Katie said...

Maggie, I heart you! And love the idea of a frame of holiday pictures displayed only at that holiday!! grassy ass!

ae said...

I can't wait to see what Bill brings to the office this year! His Sock Monkey was ROBBED last year in the prizes. Halloween and Thanksgiving are my two favoritest holidays!

Neil Edwards said...


Celina said...

I remember those cool signs you used to make back at Galena. I see that you've improved with time. I especially liked the Frankensteins's Monster as the R. Too cute!