Friday, December 25, 2009

Little drummer boy.

Last week at our friends' third annual crafty Christmas party, a surprise visitor showed up at the end of the night: SANTA!

Since Liam was the only kid at the party, he got extra special attention from the big man in red. Santa gave him a Sprite (at 10:00 at night...) because he knows it's his favorite and when Liam told him he wanted a drum set for Christmas, Santa didn't hesitate to say, "You got it! Drum sets for everyone!" (I think Santa may have been drinking a little.)

Everyone at the party looked around like, "Oh geez, Santa, don't go writing checks your ass can't cash..." But we weren't worried a bit. Liam has been a very good boy this year and has only one thing on his wish list - a drum set! (Well, a drum set and a whole pile of polar bears he can get cozy in.)

This morning when Liam finally woke up (I have never known a kid to make his parents wait for him on Christmas morning - I think that was the one day of the year I woke up before my mom and dad when I was a kid!), we followed him out to the living room and discovered that Santa had totally delivered.

Yeah, that's a Sprite and a polar bear in the background.

Liam immediately found instruments for us and we formed a family band.


We filmed it with the awesome little Vado video recorder my sister and her husband sent us. Thanks Moose and E-Rock!

Christmas rocks!!!

And it's totally cozy, too.

*Oh, and in case you're wondering what was up with my bangs and excessive lip liner in the photos with Santa, the crafty Christmas party was a Mexican fiesta theme. We did our best.

Feliz Navidad!


hezza said...

excellent percussion band.
oh, and if you want to play your instrumenyt nude, it means you are a genius.

Celina said...

Too cute!