Friday, December 11, 2009

My first book!

I know, I know... I'm like the incredibly disappearing blogger these days. It's no fun. I'm totally ready to get back to writing regularly again. For reals. Unfortunately I have three babies at my house today (my 3 year old, a two year old and a two month old) and won't be able to steal any time until at least tonight. Probably tomorrow. The only reason I'm writing at all is because 2 out of 3 are sleeping right now - and since it's mine who is awake, I figured I could snag 5 minutes.

I was in Reno for an early Christmas with my family and, since I travel totally old school (no laptop, no iPhone, no cool stuff at all...), I've been completely cut off from the outside world for 9 days. Gasp! It was kind of fun (especially when we were snowed in!), but weird after being so plugged in to the computer trying to get my book finished. It was also a bit of a challenge reviewing the book proofs via telephone through my husband (no pressure for him, I'm sure - I mean, it's not like I'm picky or anything...). But I managed. We worked it out. And the the book is finally FINISHED!

It will be available on Amazon soon and can be purchased NOW at the CreateSpace website (click HERE!). I ordered some copies last night for gifts and even with the super fast pricey shipping will still not get them until the 21st. Bummer. Needless to say I will not be doing Etsy or selling any books myself. At least, not THIS Christmas. Lucky for me it comes again every year! The way I see it, this was the year for me to learn how to write, illustrate, format, and self-publish; next year will be all about sales and marketing!


Mama B said...

Awesome! Can't wait until payday so I can buy it! Congrats!

Ms. Booty Homemaker said...

Yay!! SO exciting.

Katie said...

So excited and proud of you! I loved the proof and can't wait to order the real thing!!! JT is going to be floored.