Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old, in with the older.

In a last ditch effort to appear philanthropic come tax time, we cleaned out our drawers and closets yesterday looking for things we could donate. I even cleaned out from under our bed. I was hoping to find Liam's left Croc shoe which mysteriously disappeared after we got home from our trip to Reno but no such luck. (Losing something while travelling is a given but after you get home? It just doesn't make sense.) What I found instead was a pair of flip flops I've been missing for a year (all Summer I was kicking myself for donating them - I mean, just because you have two pairs of the same flip flops is no reason to get rid of one); and the box of 4T clothes I've been looking for for months (including lots of cute hand-me-downs, several things from Grandma that will fit Liam right now, and two cashmere sweaters we bought at the Gap Outlet Outlet when I was still pregnant. I know, cashmere for a three year old? People without kids buy the cutest stuff...).

James Dean, eat your heart out.

Baby Gap called - they want their cute back.

Who left the half-eaten grape juice pop on the bookcase?
Oh well, at least it missed the cashmere...

I also discovered my special blanket tucked away in a box with my painting clothes and a pair of tuxedo pants. It is almost exactly like Liam's blankie ("White Bi"), except slightly worse for the wear. While you can't actually tell that our cat Gretchen birthed a litter of kittens on it, it is completely torn to shreds and ruined. Still, I thought Liam might get a kick out of seeing my White Bi (and Mr. Bird could revisit his birthplace!) so I brought it out for a cuddle.

I should have known that a kid who couldn't part with a single toy for Goodwill ("But if I give that blue monster away, I will have to get another blue monster!") would be over-the-moon excited to see something I had held onto for all of my 32 years. And boy was he! After what seemed like a reasonable amount of blankie nostalgia, I put my White Bi back under the bed, but it didn't take long for Liam to find it again (or rather, it didn't take 10 minutes of whining and carrying on about it before Bill found it for him). As far as I can tell, there is no getting rid of White Bi 2. Liam has taken to sleeping with both Bis (and the army of polar bears he got for Christmas) and frequently brings up how lucky he is to have two.

So while our house is 6 bags of stuff lighter (ahhh...), the tattered cat rag floating around makes it feel like sort of a wash. And once we take down the Christmas tree and try to find a home for all the shiny new stuff nestled underneath, our little home will be bursting at the seams once again. 'Tis the season for way too much!

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Katie said...

Eddie and I still have our baby blankets too. I slept with mine until Eddie and I moved in together. I am not ashamed to admit it:)
Both my boys are blanket babies too. JT called his his "boontent" and we have adopted the word. so sweet about the cats birthplace, made me laugh out loud.