Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Always surprised.

The momentous has happened: a stranger mentioned my pregnancy! And not in an is she or isn't she? kind of way. In a full on she is so damn pregnant I can say whatever I want while leaving NO room to backpedal shamelessly should her face turn red indicating FAT not PREGNANT kind of way. Wow!

I don't know why I was so shocked. Not only did I pee the second we arrived at the YMCA, once after I dropped Liam off at childcare, and then once more after I set up the equipment for my sculpt class (like ridiculous this peeing), I also happen to look like this:

Yay! You can see my belly AND I'm wearing clothes!

Still. I couldn't help but feel a little surprised. But, then again, I'm always a little surprised when people I don't know attempt to strike up a conversation with me. You can put a girl in the South but you can't necessarily put the South in a girl.

We were sitting there on our step benches waiting for class to start when she's all, "Were you in class last night?" I'm like, "Me? Oh. Um, no. I did a class during the day but not last night." "Oh," she says. "It must have been a different pregnant girl. I think it's great that you're still working out. Is this your first baby?"

Talk about bold! I mean, there's absolutely NO WAY she could take back a statement like that. I couldn't help but be impressed. And that was before she put away all my equipment at the end of class. You know, because of my delicate condition. Holy crap I love southern girls!

The first time a stranger remarked on my pregnancy with Liam, I almost passed out from an overdose of shock and social awkwardness. I was buying sinus medicine from Walgreen's which is to say I was getting a background check from a pharmacist who probably suspected I was a meth head. I was trying to look as clean and sober as possible - no scratching or sudden movements - and wondering why I always felt guilty in situations like this. I mean, wouldn't I know if I was planning to go home and cook meth with this stuff? Still, I couldn't help but feel nervous as I stood there waiting to either hand over my debit card or be arrested.

Suddenly the pharmacist glanced up at me sideways and asked, "What are you having?" I was completely caught off guard. What am I having? What does she mean, what am I having? Is this some kind of druggie code? What am I having? Having? Oh! Like what kind of symptoms am I having. Phew! "Um, uh, it''s just a little sinus headache." She looked at me hard. She still hadn't smiled. In fact, she was wearing absolutely no expression whatsoever. "No," she said flatly. "I meant your baby. What kind of baby are you having?"

I'd say I've come a long way in four years. I still couldn't pass as a southerner (the cutest, kindest, boldest girls on the PLANET!) but I'd say (potentially) getting a new gym buddy is a heck of a lot better than (practically) getting arrested for meth possession!


Katie said...

Wow, you are totally pregnant!! And I love the ghost in the mirror behind you:)

Cora White said...

I love reading your stuff. You almost always make me chuckle. Congrats on the pregnancy. You do look very pregnant. Hoping to be that way soon myself

No Mommy Brain said...

okay katie - never saw the picture like that but now it totally freaks me out! and since it was already really bad feng shui (sp?) i think it's time for it to go. maybe i'm just entering the nesting phase... i have been looking at furniture on craigslist all morning...
thanks, cora! i got called out at the farmer's market too. i must have really popped in the last few days!

Sarah Lindahl said...

Congrats on your new pregnancy! You look adorable!

Celina said...

Maggie, how far along are you? You look REALLY pregnant! :) Congrats again!