Monday, February 8, 2010

Four years, three days (or better late than never).

A photo slide show from this incredible year with our amazing Liam. Happy fourth birthday, little man!

Song: Sweet Ride by Courtney Jaye. Thank you Miss Courtney for providing the soundtrack to our lives!

(PS - I don't know why the audio is a little weird. If I can ever figure out how to fix it, I will repost.)


Katie said...

sniff sniff! I was a bit weepy just cuz it is such a sweet gesture and I need to do the same. However, I totally started crying at the ultrasound picture. Happy Birthday Liam! Boy, you REALLY love stripes! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm totally crying. That is so sweet. He is such a wonderful person and it is so cool to watch his life to music!

P.S. Love that his B-day shirt matches the song- awesome touch!


Courtney said...

That was incredibly sweet! Happy birthday to your little man!