Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello, second trimester!

And hello, Gretchen!

Oh. Hello.

Isn't he/she/it cute? And so considerate, giving us a wave like that! This image was the very last one of the ultrasound. It was like, "Okay, bye you guys. See you at the 20 week!"

I started this post when we first got back from the ultrasound, roughly two weeks ago (crazy, right?). I was so excited to have seen my baby and wanted to share it's alien-cuteness with everyone right away. But as soon as I uploaded the pictures, I hesitated (I did this on Facebook too - started to upload and then hit cancel...somehow they posted anyway).

The whole reason for the 13 week ultrasound was to screen for risk for Down's Syndrome and other genetic disorders. Even though there was no real reason for me to get the test (I'm not of "advanced maternal age", we don't have a family history, etc.), I still felt like I may as well wait until we had been given the all-clear before posting my pics for all to see.

I probably wouldn't have even thought about this had we been paired with an ultrasound tech who had any clue how to be around people, but she was socially awkward and unpleasant and conducted the ultrasound in a way that made us go from, "Yay! We get to see our baby!" to "WTF?! Is something wrong?" I mean, she didn't even bat an eye when she finally got the baby to wake up and move (evidently my babies are chilled out from the get-go) and Liam shouted, "You did it, Gretchen! We're so proud of you!" You've got to have a heart of stone not to swoon at that!

And this...

I mean, I know it's grainy and sort of creepy but I have to say, I think Gretchen is really, really cute. And every time I see this picture hanging on my fridge, I get a wonderful feeling like, "Hey...I know you." It makes me smile just thinking about it.

And speaking of "it" - I cannot wait to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl! Before I got pregnant, I was really hoping I'd have another boy. I love having a son and feel like Liam has made me an old pro at raising boys (at least the 0-4 variety). That, and I have a whole basement full of hand-me-downs! But with all of Liam's insistence that I'm growing him a little sister named Gretchen, I've started to hope it really is a girl. Needless to say, I'd be perfectly happy either way, I just want to know! I meet with my midwife next week and at that time I'm guessing we'll schedule the big anatomy check.

This pregnancy feels like it's going by really fast. I'm already at 15 (and six days, but who's counting) weeks and have both my feet firmly planted in the 2nd trimester. Sometimes I feel like I must be at least six months by now (like when I catch myself um, waddling) and other times I almost forget that I'm pregnant at all.

Fortunately, I have plenty of little reminders throughout the day that let me know without a doubt that I am: the sciatica on my right leg that sometimes disappears completely and then pops up on my left leg before disappearing again; the belly that, depending on what I'm wearing and what I've eaten the night before, hovers somewhere between Normal but Bloated and Look out Octomom! (I'd show you comparison photos but the one that best illustrates the hugeness - the morning after Bill's birthday enchiladas and brownies - is of me in nothing but my bra and one needs to see that); the aforementioned waddling (wtf?!); and the TIREDNESS.

Oh, the tiredness. Like, I don't even know if tiredness is a word but I'm too tired to look it up or try harder kind of tiredness. Most days I can make it until about 5:30 but then I'm completely DONE. If I've managed to cook dinner by then (unlikely), I can usually manage to eat but that's about it. If I haven't cooked, I just have to shrug my shoulders from my spot on the couch and thank God I got one of the good husbands who not only enjoys cooking but is really, really good at it. As soon as I've finished dinner, I have to excuse myself to go watch some TV (this is really just a way to avoid going to bed before Liam - even though it would be a lot more comfortable than falling asleep on the couch every night).

The other night I was laying there in my TV-coma when a friend stopped by to see if Bill wanted to go to another friends' down the street. Liam was still awake but it was time for him to go to bed. As Bill walked out the door he asked sort of half joking, "You got this?" I didn't even hesitate or take my eyes off the screen. "Nope." He kind of laughed. "Really? You can't get Liam to bed tonight?" "Huh-uh. He can just stay up until you get home to do it. He'll be fine." There was no way I was getting off that couch. Not even to waddle 15 feet down the hall, collapse in Liam's bed and read him a couple stories. I just didn't have it in me.

(Does that help explain why else this post took me 2 weeks to finish? By the way, Gretchen looked perfectly normal and healthy!).

(And yeah, unfortunately, that's the end of this post. I'm sorry - it's just all I've got in me right now. I mean it's been dark for like a few hours already. I'm amazed I've been this coherent...)

(Night, night.)


Jaime Sarrio said...

Yeah! I'm so excited baby Gretchen is healthy! I can't wait to meet him/her/

Callie said...

oh thank you Maggie! This blog post is making me feel so much better about how tired I am. I'm having the exact same thing. Yesterday I came home and napped on the couch with Hutson watching Curious George, all the while thinking "I'm a horrible mom." Mike is doing all the preparing of the food and putting to bed. 14 weeks today for me...only 26 left! Poor Mike.

No Mommy Brain said...

callie - i'm glad i'm not the only one! i always heard the first trimester was when you were tired with lots and lots of energy in the 2nd (i say this like i haven't done it before...) but for me it's been the complete opposite. hopefully the 3rd we'll be like super heroes or something. congrats, by the way! anna told me a while back but i wanted to wait until you went public with the news yourself. yay, babies!

The Lindwall Family said...

Such cute pics of Gretchen! I was super tired with Brody too - had to take naps everyday with Jack.

If you are having a girl is Gretchen a possibility for a name choice? That would be so cute if Liam got to name her. Jack started calling my belly Brody long before we had a name. We weren't really too such about it at first, but then it grew on us.

Congrats again!

No Mommy Brain said...

thanks, jaime! it's hard to imagine not calling our baby gretchen but i don't think it's a real possibility. we already have one cat named gretchen - i don't want to end up like the formans! i love that jack got to name brody. it's super cool that you went with the name he liked AND it's a great name!