Monday, February 8, 2010

Who dat?

I'm kind of a big Super Bowl fan. Not for the football, per se, but for all the other stuff that makes Super Bowl Sunday unlike any other day of the year. I mean, when else does a 40 ouncer of cheap beer seem like the obvious beverage of choice? I like to think I have one every year (except for in 2006 when I skipped the 40 and went straight for the epidural) but the truth is I probably like the idea of a 40 more than the actual 40 (who wants to drink 30+ ounces of warm beer?). Since this year I couldn't even talk the talk, I had no choice but to appreciate the other fine points of this great American tradition. As it turns out, this was the year to do so.

We went to our friends' house where the snack food ran rampant. On Super Bowl Sunday you expect such guilty pleasures as Original Ruffles and French Onion Dip, but I never saw the soft pretzels coming. Who dat?! By then we were all full on home-made Jambalaya (Saints fans in the house!), but who's gonna turn down a soft pretzel? I, for one, was glad I didn't fill up on beer.

Water. Tastes great! Less filling!

While I usually enjoy watching the Super Bowl for the commercials (novelty for a Tivo user) and the halftime show (who doesn't appreciate a good wardrobe malfunction?), this year I actually got into the game itself. If you had been with us, you wouldn't have been able to help yourself either. Our friend Sean is a HUGE Saints fan and understands football in a way I never will. Had he not been yelling (for most of the night), "An onside kick! They started the second half with a fucking onside kick!" (at which point we'd motion toward Liam like, Dude, earmuffs...), I would have thought that crazy-short kick was a mistake. I mean, didn't it look like one? But nope, I know for sure it was intentional. That onside kick was the game changer.

After that, we all regularly jumped to our feet to high five while chanting (3 times, very loudly): Who dat? Who dat? Who dat saying they gonna beat them Saints? Even Liam got into it. After one particularly rowdy celebration, I sat back down next to him and he said, "You know what I do when you guys do something I don't want to do? I do it anyway." Then he started yelling, "Who dat?!" and jumping on the couch.

When the game was over and the Saints had won, the real celebration began. Out of nowhere Saints-themed music came on and we instinctively started a 2nd line parade around the house.


Liam loves a parade so he was sort of in heaven. In fact, he didn't stop parading until we stuck him in his jacket and carried him off to the car to go home. If there's music and a festive umbrella, why not keep marching?


So even though I couldn't drink beer and the commercials were boring and the halftime show left me going, "What dat?", I have to say this was my favorite Super Bowl Sunday ever. Even better than the one when Liam was born? Come on, that's not fair. You know there's nothing that will ever compare to that day, EVER. But what sounds more fun to you: childbirth or a spontaneous snack food-fueled parade led by that very same child? You don't have to answer. But I think I'll leave it at that.

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katie said...

Love it! We missed it this year because we were driving back from Oregon...9hours!! Glad you had fun. However, Lizzie was watching the boys and had a party here with them and JT recounted every detail, especially Drew Brees holding his baby "with the headphones"!