Friday, March 19, 2010

March madness.

Chances are, you or someone you love is pretty tied up in the NCAA basketball tournament right now. It's all about the bracket, baby! Isn't stuff like this great? To me, it feels a little bit like the Olympics: totally justified TV watching that goes on for hours and hours each night. I may not be that into basketball or bobsled racing but I am more than happy to sit there night after night to show my support. It would be un-patriotic not to!

Since I don't work in an office setting, I am bracket-free this year. (That's how it works, right? Everyone who goes to an office is assigned a photo-copied sheet and forced to choose teams?) Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I have created a bracket of my own. Want to play? It's easy - just make your picks!

(circle one per ultrasound)

Nashville, March 22 | GIRL BOY

Or I guess, make your pick. Sort of underwhelming for a bracket now that I think about it. Plus, there's a 50-50 chance you could be right (or wrong) so the odds are kind of boring. The outcome is still pretty exciting, though. At least, it is for me.

If you still want to get in on the action, here are some factors you might want to consider:
  • I think I'm having a girl. So do Liam and Bill. But...

  • I thought I was having a girl when I was pregnant with Liam, too. So did Bill and everyone else in my life. Except my sister.

  • This time, she thinks I'm having a girl.

  • The Magic 8 Ball ap on my phone is certain I am having a boy (and has been since I first got pregnant).

  • I tied my wedding ring to a string and held it over my belly until it started to move. In a circle! The old wives would say that means I'm having a girl.

  • I showed Bill my cool ring trick but he dismissed it completely. Pshaw! Like I could make a string move like that.

  • According to the Chinese lunar calendar, it's a boy.

  • Carrying high? Carrying low? Fat in the face? Fat in the ass? I'll let you be the judge of that...
(Liam took this photo today in the yard and I have to say, I'm surprised how pregnant I look. I haven't even gained 5 pounds! Maybe it's a bad shirt. Or a bad picture. Yeah, when in doubt, definitely blame the four year old.)

The ultrasound is on Monday so stay tuned to find out if you're a big winner. Just three more days until we know if we're having a son or daughter! (I sure hope Gretchen cooperates...)

Have a great weekend!


erin said...

are we putting money on this bet?

Callie said...

I love this post! Magic 8 Ball on my friend's phone says I'm having a boy too. I don't have a cool phone. The ring test says boy for me. And Mike totally dismisses the ring test too. boys!

Okay so I guess girl! Yay! Can't wait to know.

kateOD said...

your blog is hysterical Maggie! There are lots of little baby girls in East Nashville right now so I think the next wave will be I vote boy.

No Mommy Brain said...

erin: as a girl from reno, betting for money always makes the most sense. but as a lit major, that sounds like more math than i can get my pregnant brain around.

The Listers said...

Well, I am ALWAYS wrong, except when it comes to my own kids, apparently. Since the Chinese calendar thingie was wrong for me, then I will guess GIRL on the assumption that it's really just a crock ;) Can't wait til Monday!!!

erin said...

Ok. I'm going with boy and I'm putting 5 dollars on it. But, for what it's worth, I am always wrong.

Annie said...

I'm gonna put my (theoretical) money on...BOY! Only because you're one of seven people (including myself) I know right now who are preggers, and the girl half of the dance card is already full! Either way, I know this kid will be very healthy and very loved. Can't wait to hear the good news!