Thursday, April 29, 2010

Choose your own adventure.

I sat down to write with a topic in mind but once I typed the first sentence I realized the story could go three completely different directions. Or, at least two and a half. Rather than try to weave them all into one post that made sense (that sounds HARD), I decided I'd try my hand at a choose your own adventure story. Remember those from the elementary school bus? (I guess you didn't have to read them on the bus but that's the only place I can ever remember reading one.) They always kind of sucked but were thrilling nonetheless because YOU got to CHOOSE how the story ended. That's got to be good for something, right? Anyway. Here you go. Choose wisely...

The other day I was at coffee with a friend when a super cute family we know showed up and joined us.

If you want to know what the dad did that totally inspired me, read here.

As the kids ran around the grass together and played ring around the rosy, Dad chased after them beaming and snapping photos with his iPhone. "Meh," I thought, sipping my coffee and not attending to my child. "Camera phones are so hit and miss. I bet he's not getting anything good at all." But then he showed me one of the photos and I was like, "What, what, what?!"

That came from a phone? But that's adorable! I mean, sure, Liam is totally grabbing his junk but the photo! The photo looks AWESOME! He told me he uses an app called "Hipstamatic" that makes his iPhone, I don't know, magic? I couldn't wait to get home and download it for myself. I was sold!

Sadly, when I went to download Hipstamatic I found it was only available for the iPhone. Go figure, right? I mean, why do the Apple kids get all the fun? Some day I'll be cool enough for an iPhone but for now, I'm more than happy with my Droid. Especially after a little research turned up a Droid-friendly app like Hipstamatic called Vignette. I downloaded it (for free!) and have been crazy obsessed ever since. I seriously CAN'T. STOP. TAKING. PICTURES!

It has the power to make normal everyday things look exciting while making me feel like both an artist and a cheater all at once. I love it!

If you're wondering how Liam got along with the two little girls in the family, read here.

Hmmm...perhaps I should have labeled that photo of Liam and his super cute new girlfriend, SPOILER ALERT? Forgive me. This is my first choose your own adventure story.

As you already guessed, Liam got along with the girls just great. Even though he had just met them. And they're kids. KIDS HE JUST MET. No? Not making any sense? Wait! Don't choose another ending yet! Let me try harder.

See, Liam used to be really shy. Or, maybe not shy exactly but, I don't know - socially awkward? Like when I took him out of preschool a year ago, the school director said he was probably the most sensitive child she had ever met and that he would most likely benefit from being educated at home. WHERE THERE WEREN'T OTHER KIDS. When we'd go to the playground, he'd only want to play with me. If I wasn't in the mood to climb around on the jungle gym or push him on the swings, he'd sit next to me and watch the other kids. But I want to do whatever you want to do, Mama. If we went somewhere with kids and grownups, he would naturally gravitate toward the grownups. He had friends, of course, and would almost always warm up to new kids eventually, but social situations with Liam were not exactly what I'd call fun.

Well. I can't pinpoint it exactly but there has been a sea change in young Liam's life. If you want to read EVEN MORE! Click HERE.

If you're like, "Huh? I thought you were at coffee with a friend. Who said anything about Liam?" Read here.

I hate to break it to you but this is kind of the bummer choice. Like the one in the choose your own adventure book that says, "Then the narwhal speared the hero and he died. The end."

It's just that I wanted to say that the reason I forgot to mention my son in that very first sentence is because he was so occupied with his iPhone that it was almost as if he wasn't at the cafe with me at all. "What's that," you say. "Your four year old has an iPhone and you don't?" Yep, that' right! A friend handed it down to us after our iPod died and Liam's been skating for team Apple ever since. (In case anyone was doubting that he was the coolest one in the family...)

"The Babysitter" rocks. Once you download all your kid's favorite shows and music to it, it becomes a secret weapon you can keep in your purse at all times just in case. I find it especially handy if you get stuck out and about and could use a moment of reprieve. Just stick the ear buds in his wee little ears and you can have a (mostly) uninterrupted conversation with a friend over coffee. Or go to dinner and stay for drinks. Or hop on a flight that lasts longer than an hour without packing the Xanax! As long as you don't mind listening to your son sing along with Courtney Jaye (which is, by the way, adorable), you're in business!

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