Thursday, April 22, 2010

A moment in time.

Stepping outside to harvest spinach for dinner, I happened to catch that perfect time of day right before evening officially sets in. The sun was still shining but the light was soft and pink. The air had turned cool. Light rain fell like mist, rinsing the leaves in my garden and making a sound like glitter all around me. The wet soil and pavement actually smelled like rain (a rarity here).

I wanted to high five someone like, "Can you believe all this? I mean just look! Listen! Breathe it all in!" But I was alone. And that made me appreciate the moment even more. Because my husband had taken my son to the pool and asked me not to cook dinner while they were gone. Just gather some spinach from the garden and start the rice. I like to make this meal a special way so just wait for me... And they were off, swimming together underwater, while me and new baby stayed home and didn't start dinner.

See the new baby?

And now the sun has set and the moment is gone but the gratitude I felt standing in the garden? That will take a heck of a lot more than a sunset to ever fade away.


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And your photos are lovely, too! :)