Monday, June 7, 2010


Even though I know it's totally asking for trouble, I'll go ahead and say I've had almost NO icky side effects this pregnancy. Sure, I sweat through the last half of Sex and the City 2 like an overstuffed pig and have to eat dinner like Al Roker post gastric bypass if I don't want to spend the rest of the night making fat person noises every time I try to move, but in the grand scheme of things that could be happening, I feel like one lucky duck (oh, if only you could see me waddle... zinger!).

Of course, I'm well aware that this final stretch is not exactly a down hill journey. At this point in my first pregnancy I most likely said some similarly ignorant things. I know for sure I told the receptionist at my office, "I haven't gotten stretch marks at all!" And then a few weeks later I was standing in the office kitchenette making yet another afternoon snack (those 45 pounds weren't going to gain themselves!), when the receptionist passed by and said (way louder than she needed to), "Ooh, look! You did get stretch marks!" Evidently my massive tum-tum had turned my maternity top into a belly shirt. And it wasn't even casual Friday!

29 weeks.

There is one thing I've been dealing with this pregnancy that was never an issue with my first. It could be the difference between having a baby in the summer instead of the winter or simply a product of my environment. It's nothing major but strikes me as funny because it's one of those things people told me would never happen with a second pregnancy. It happens a lot with a first but when it's your second, you just don't have time for such things - you have a child to take care of!

I'm talking, of course, about pregnancy narcolepsy.

I'm telling you - anytime I stop moving for 5 minutes or more, I totally fall asleep. Daytime, nighttime, after getting a full 9 hours, in the middle of a conversation - you name it. Fortunately my current lifestyle is fairly conducive to this. My first pregnancy was spent in an office where napping in the middle of the day was sort of frowned upon. But now, I'm at home with Liam who is more than happy to let me nap for an hour or so while he watches a show or has a little alone time in his room. I know what you're thinking - That Liam is a freak of nature! There is no way you'll get this lucky with number two. Well, let's just wait and see, shall we. I mean, you were wrong about the napping thing. Maybe you're on a roll?

30 weeks.


hollie said...

So true! I fall asleep all the time ... but I did with my first pregnancy too, right at my computer at the office. So enjoying your blogs Maggie!

Halie said...

HA HA HA!!! SOOOO Funny! I didn't get stretch marks with Ava, and then with Isaac- I remember sitting on the sofa in one of those maternity shirts that don't quite cover, and saying how lucky I was that I didn't have stretch marks- John just started laughing. I had stretch marks...I just couldn't SEE them under my GIGANTIC belly! You look great!

cazz said...

hmmm. pregnancy narcolepsy. maybe that's what's wrong with me. except that i've had it for about 28 solid years (i was literally born asleep) and i'm not, and never have been, pregnant. but it would be a lovely excuse...