Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Linky loo.

Did ya'll see this?!

Starbucks will offer free Wi-Fi.

Wh, wh, what? It's like my last post totally changed the world! I swear, I did not get paid for writing that. Although, hello, I totally would have if anyone had offered. Seriously. Anyone? Hook a mama up!

(Thanks for the link, Kate!)

And speaking of work...

I started illustrating another book! It's coming along much faster than my last endeavor and, as a friend of ours pointed out when he came over to watch basketball the other night, has somehow NOT taken over the rest of our house (or our lives). He honestly seemed shocked that I was working on a project and our house still looked like a sanitary place to live. He and his wife came over one night while I was working on Christmastime for Me and that was definitely not the case. The living room floor was piled high with whatever Liam had been entertaining himself with, the kitchen counters were stacked with dirty dishes, I was wild-eyed and wearing 3 day old clothes, and the entire house was covered with tiny bits of paper. They got a peak at my insanity and it wasn't pretty.

I can assure you, I'm being much more reasonable with this project. I've yet to miss a meal or neglect my child, I still manage to shower and leave the house, and I get plenty of sleep each night no matter what. My partner, Finn, is a stickler for balance. And yet, the work is still clicking right along!

Check out this other great link someone shared with me this morning:

Pregnant? Enjoy free frozen yogurt on us!

Wahoo! On a day like today that is so damn hot I can't even get near a window without wilting, free frozen yogurt might be one of the only things that could possibly lure me out of the air conditioning. That and the pool. Although, after it got shut down yesterday because of an "incident" WHILE WE WERE IN IT, I'm not quite as excited to lather on the sunscreen and jump in. No one likes a poop in their pool.

(Thanks for the heads up on the frozen yogurt, Sue!)


hezza said...

Miss Maggie, I have an amazing and private pool with a little shade. We can swim anytime. XO

Sue said...

I'm so glad you're excited about the frozen yogurt. i love their 'original tart' and sorbet flavors! and it doesn't seem like this heat wave will end anytime soon...