Sunday, July 25, 2010

By request: Liam's big boy room!

Here are some photos of Liam's new room. I think it's finally finished! Of course, it will always sort of be a work in progress. We have to leave some wiggle room for new Liam art we want to display and the ever-changing collection of "favorite" books and toys. And besides, if it's too perfect, it won't be any fun!

The view from the hallway:

We hung a bulletin board over his thinking chair to display his school work, letters from family and anything else he loves; set up the record player so he can listen to music whenever he wants; placed a "work bench" under the window for drawing or doing Puzzle Buzz or whatever; and found a great fuzzy rug at Target to warm up the room and give us a good place to chillax (not to mention, it's a soft landing for the slide!).

The other side of his room:

His big comfy bed (it's the one Bill slept in as a kid!) with a memory foam pad, robot bedding, storage space for all his stuffed animals and special things (plus drawers underneath for his clothes), and a dimmer switch for his reading lamp; his racetrack, basketball hoop, and "anything box" full of dress up clothes; and a big cabinet full of toys and games.

The music corner:

His drum set and musical equipment with a stool that doubles as storage; the only working fireplace in the house (shouldn't every 4 year old have one of those?); more books; and of course, his Beatles poster.

The dressing area:

His coats and bags and shoes (he prefers them in a pile - if I try to straighten them, it ticks him off); his very own hamper and mirror; another view of his bed and some of the items displayed on his wall (a really old photo of Reno, a snow globe from Valentine's Day, his 1st birthday invitation signed by all the party-goers, etc).

Thanks for reminding me to share these pictures, Jaime and Meredith! And, if anyone else has something you'd like to see or a story you wish I would tell or a question you're just dying to know the answer to, hit me up. I can't make any promises that I'll respond in a timely manner but I'm more than happy to take requests!

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! It looks AMAZING!!! You are totally prepared, and i am really impressed!