Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jump in my baby pool and WIN A PRIZE!

Bill came home from work on Monday in the most foul mood. It was much more than your typical "back to the daily grind after a fun weekend at home with your family" type of mood. This mood was unshakable. When I asked him what was wrong, I found it very hard to show sympathy with a straight face. As it turns out, he was simply experiencing a nasty side effect of pregnancy that only happens toward the end of the third trimester: BABY WATCH. Since this is the first pregnancy symptom he has suffered from that I have not, I couldn't help but snicker a little.

I had baby watch BAD when I was pregnant with Liam. For the last couple weeks of my pregnancy I had to endure everyone at work filing past my office several times a day to check the baby pool taped to my door. They'd say things like, "Still pregnant?" or "I've got Friday - do you think you can hold out until then?" or "Come on lady! I put my money on today and it's almost 4:00 and you're still just sitting here! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST HAVE THAT BABY ALREADY?!"

It totally sucked.

But this pregnancy I am practically untouchable. It's too damn hot for me to really leave the house and no one has come knocking on the door asking me if I've gone into labor yet. So that's nice. Plus, Facebook does a pretty good job keeping people up to date with my gestating. As long as I post something every day or so, people tend to get that I'm still pregnant. Although, it's not a perfect system. My sister called me in a panic yesterday because she had read on Facebook that I was on my way to the hospital and hoping I wouldn't be put on bed rest.

"Um, no. I said I was on the the way to the pet store and hoping to get Liam a fish. I mean, I am in bed resting but it's just 'cause I'm hot, not on bed rest."

"Are you sure? I swear you posted that in your status update."

"Nope. Not me."

"Oh. Maybe it was someone else. Well that's good. I would be pissed if I found out you had your baby on Facebook."


Even though I was not a big fan of baby watch with my first pregnancy and hated whoever started that damn baby pool at my office, I'm still going to ask:


Leave me a comment with the date and time you think think this little bundle of love will finally make his appearance and whoever gets the closest will win a $30 gift certificate from Trendy Tots ~n~ Polka Dots. Go ahead and take a guess at his weight and length while you're at it. Just in case we need a tie breaker. And don't forget to leave your name so you can claim your prize if you win.


Oh, and if you're one of those people who likes to make informed decisions, here's some insider info for you:
  • My official "due date" is August 9th.

  • Liam was either 8 days late or 3 days late - depending on which "due date" you believed.

  • According to my midwife this morning, my cervix is "very ripe" (I know, gross, right?) and I am about 2 centimeters dilated.

  • I was dilated 3 centimeters for at least a week before I had Liam.

  • Liam was 8 pounds, 13.5 ounces and 22 inches long when he was born.

  • After pushing on my belly this morning, my midwife estimated Finn is probably about 8 pounds already.

  • But I've gained about half as much weight as I did when I was pregnant with Liam so we'll see.

  • Our nursery is ready and my suitcase is packed.

  • But Grandma doesn't arrive until tomorrow night.

  • I am fairly uncomfortable (hot, mostly) but not quite miserable yet.

  • Once Grandma is here, I will probably start eating lots of eggplant and may even consider seducing my husband (eggplant and sex are supposed to help you go into labor).

  • Although I sure do enjoy sleeping through the night and eating ice cream like it's my job...

  • As of this evening, I look like this:

    I'm still smiling but I've clearly stopped grooming myself.
    Kind of like a cat before she goes off somewhere to die...
The contest will close at midnight on Thursday, August 5th so post your comment NOW. Good luck! And let the games begin!!


hezza said...

I am gonna say August 12th, before 3pm.

Beth said...

August 13, 6am

Btw-I showed mom your picture and she goes, wow she's only having one baby?? Lol

Emily W said...

I'm going with August 10th, 9pm, 8 1/2 pounds!

Everyone at my office expected me to have Winston 1-2 months early so I really didn't have anything to do for the last few weeks besides chat with all the people that came by my desk to see if I was still there. The guy that sat next to me was really nervous every day that I showed up.

Callie said...

hmmm...this is fun! August 11th at 4pm. I'll say 9lbs 1 oz and 22 inches. And if it helps, I'm SO hot too but I'm staying patient also because I too am enjoying sleeping through the night and eating lots of ice cream. Everyone at work thinks I'll have her early but H was a week late so I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

8/8 at 7:58 pm just because that contraction wasn't going to let you wait 2 more minutes. 8lbs 8oz and I've already gone there with 8's and I am not sure how long they're supposed to be,I will go with 18 inches.
Kristy Cordeiro

jeannie casey said...

i am guessing Aug 13, 2010
at 4am, 9lbs,22 "
I dont think the baby has dropped yet.
jeannie the doula.

Amber said...

I'm going for August 8 at 6:57 am. 9 pounds.


The Listers said...

I'm going to say 8/10, 7 pm, 9 lbs 1 oz, 21.5" but Ben hopes he'll come a little sooner. We're ready for our new buddy!

No Mommy Brain said...

i love it! you guys totally took the pressure off bill - he was convinced i'd have the baby last night but seeing all these predictions for next week helped him sleep!

sunT said...

im gonna be nice and say 8/7 before 12 noon. 7.4 lbs

Leanne said...

I guess Aug. 9th in the early morning before 7am. 8 1/2 pounds.
Leanne V

Megan Morton said...

I say on Tomato Day. August 14th, 5 am.

c. said...

Aug. 8th at 3:00pm, 7lbs 12oz, 20 inches. C'mon baby!

kateOD said...

I love this game! August 9th - 12noon, 9lb, 1oz, 21.5 inches.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this and I am totally laughing that I ended up finding out that Finn was born on Facebook, very ironic (by Alanis Morrisettes definition)

Celina said...

Looks like SunT won, yes?