Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010.

Remember when Liam said he couldn't handle ghost makeup on his face or head? Well, he lied.

Move over Team Edward.

He handled it like a little champ! I think the secret was letting him go hog wild with the baby powder and agreeing to let him have "an extra" piece of candy after trick-or-treating if he went along with it (as if there was any stopping him from gorging in the first place).

Who knew playing with baby powder could be such a party? (And, yes, it is ALL over our house.) Way more fun than when Mom makes you stick your hands in the bowl of pumpkin guts "just 'cause".

Poor Liam. The grossest Finn's Halloween got was being carried around all night by head wound guy.

Luckily he didn't mind at all. He napped through almost all of trick-or-treating. Good thing we got a family photo before he fall asleep!

So, yeah, I guess we went with sort of classic Halloween costumes. I was a witch who didn't realize there wasn't a witch hat in the costume box until the eleventh hour and had to improvise with a big spider stuck to her head. Bill was a gross out head wound guy. Liam was a spooky ghost named Boo. And Finny was a pumpkin.

We went trick-or-treating with friends which made the whole thing way more fun.

Liam and Sia led the way, running from house to house together (they only tripped and fell about once every third house!). They had a great time and it was really cute to see Liam looking after his buddy. At one door he put his arm around her and said, "I hear a dog so step back a little." Adorable.

After they'd shout, "Trick-or treat!" Liam would ask, "Are you going to give us a trick or a treat?" When the grown up would answer "treat", he'd say, "We've been getting treats all night!" Then, right before they'd turn to go, Liam would shout, "Boo! I'm a ghost!" and Sia would say, "Meow! I'm a kitty!" Then they'd talk and talk until we coaxed them off the porch and onto the next house.

They scored loads of candy which Liam promptly ate half of before we realized he hadn't had dinner. Score!

Mmmm...Milkduds dinner.

But Halloween only comes once a year so we just went with it. And it was awesome. Hope your Halloween was just as fun!

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Anonymous said...

every time I find a post on here, I smile to myself. Happy Halloween!