Monday, November 29, 2010


Quiet time today has been stretching on and on as I contemplate whether I am finally coming down with Bill's virus (in which case I should just kill myself right now) or simply suffering from yet another case of almost mastitis (mastitis-like symptoms that typically last less than a day). My skin hurts. My bones are cold. I'm stuffy and my head hurts. But Finn slept through the night again last night (glory be!) so I woke up with two rock hard red balls where my boobs used to be. (When will my boobs realize that not nursing for that long is a GOOD thing?) I'm really hoping it's almost mastitis. Heck, even real mastitis would be preferable to whatever hell Bill just came back from. (I think. Real mastitis might really suck. I have no idea.) But I can't go down that long sick road. I just...CAN'T.

So I'm taking full advantage of quiet time today and trying to will myself better. I took a bath with my baby (not exactly relaxing but it did help warm up my bones). I ate a kid grilled cheese sandwich with some tomato soup. I read pretty much ALL of the hilariously funny blog BlabberMouse (I don't really know her but I feel like I do - we live in the same neighborhood, we know the same people, we both have two sons, we're practically BFFs! - so when I saw her husband and sons at the neighborhood park recently I was like, "Hey! I'm Maggie! I know Amanda. Sort of..."). Liam must have tiptoed out to find me a half-dozen times but I just kept giving him the old, "just a little bit longer..." spiel and going on with my day.

"But Mama, I'm done. I want to finish watching Elf like you promised."

"Sorry, son. Laying on the couch and watching Elf if too taxing for Mama right now. I have to keep laying here feeling sorry for myself and poking around on the Internet. Go back to your room and I'll come get you soon. Listen to some music or read a book. Take a nap if you want. Just don't come out again until I come get you."

In my defense I really do feel like crap. And both boys are napping at the same time which is a holy occurrence worthy of celebration. AND Bill fixed our laptop yesterday (love him!) so it is able to connect to the Internet for the first time in months. I've got some serious catching up to do. (All it took to get Bill to fix the laptop was telling him I wanted an iPad for Christmas...)

So, anyway, when I finally went to tell Liam that quiet time was over, here's what I found:


Have I mentioned lately how much I love this kid?


jmm said...

I'm sorry (?) I laughed at your first paragraph, particularly the part about Finn sleeping through the night and its effect on your boobs. That's so far off on the horizon for me... how I would love a stretch of sleep that lasted more than 3.5 hours.
Enjoy, and hope you adjust accordingly, soon :-)

No Mommy Brain said...

i'd love to say just wait and it gets better but that sounds like advice and i'm in no position to be giving any of that. last night finn woke up at 11, 2, 3:30, 6 and then for good at 8:15. i guess he was just trying his best to make sure my boobs didn't explode again. : )

Anonymous said...

more posts please. You have me hooked on frequent posting!