Sunday, December 19, 2010

Commercial interruption.

I've been wanting to use this title for months to write about my son's OBSESSION with television commercials. Thank Tivo he doesn't see them very often but when he does? O. M. G. He totally loses his mind with desire for WHATEVER is being pushed. He's like one of those kids who grows up in a house where junk food is forbidden and goes fat kid crazy the first time he's left alone with a can of Sprite or some peanut M&Ms. It's...unhealthy.

He's told me we should start watching commercials more often because, "How else are we supposed to learn about all the things we want?" Huh?! It's kind of insane how good advertising is at making kids want things. Even things that don't make any sense at all for a four year to want. I mean, the Pillow Pet? Fair enough. But Title Max? Really?

There is absolutely NO REASON "Title Max" should ever be uttered in our home. But it is. A lot. I think the commercial must be on during Titans football games because that is one of the only times we watch "live" TV in our house (and he definitely didn't see it on PBS Kids or Nick Jr - they don't even show commercials!). He likes everything about it - the songs, the concept ("Mama, your title is your credit. You get to keep your car!"), the way the "real bucks" fly around the screen when people hand over their car titles (there are a few different commercials...I'll spare you and only post one).

When he sees the stores when we're out driving, it sparks long drawn out conversations. Like, some of the most extensive conversations we've had about anything. Ever. The other day on our way home from Costco he talked to me for like 20 minutes about stupid Title Max. It started with, "Look at all those cars in the Title Max parking lot! Those must be the cars people are bringing in to get their money, their money, their real money." And ended with, "If it's such a bad deal, maybe we should go there and tell the people not to do it? Or we could knock down the building since it's a bad place. Then people couldn't lose their cars and owe lots of money!"

Still, even though he knows it's not a good thing to want (who aspires to go to Title Max someday?), I'm sure he'll still treat us to a few rounds of the Title Max song during the Titans game today. Which, even though it's super creepy is still kinda sweet. I just love to hear that kid sing.


Ahh...that's better. And no, that's not Soul Sister by Train he's singing; it's Soul Sister by Street Corner Symphony covering Train that he's singing. This is an important distinction and, really, what I intended to write about when I started this post this morning (I blame my 2nd cup of coffee...Coffee - do stupid things faster with more energy!). Liam LOVES Street Corner Symphony (even more than he loves Title Max!). In the car the other day after listening to all their songs on repeat he said, "Mama? Do you think Street Corner Symphony needs a kid in their band? Because I really want to be in Street Corner Symphony." (I honestly just overheard Liam tell Bill, "No Dada, The Smiths is not the greatest band ever. Street Corner Symphony is the greatest band ever.")

What's that? You're not familiar with Street Corner Symphony? Well! Consider this a commercial you hopefully won't fast forward.

Street Corner Symphony is our friends' "Face-Melting A Cappella" group featured on NBC's The Sing Off. Okay, to be fair, only two of the guys in the group (Jeremy Lister and Richie Lister) are actual friends of mine. But, two out of six? That's enough to make our family HUGE fans! The Sing Off has joyfully consumed our December and is giving Christmas a real run for its money this year. It's AWESOME and, if you ask me, a must see. And not just for Street Corner Symphony (Although, hello? We love them.) The entire show is enjoyable and refreshingly fun for the whole family (as long as you fast forward the questionable commercials...).

Tomorrow night is the live finale which is both sad (What will we do with our Monday and Wednesday nights from now on?) and exciting (We get to watch Street Corner Symphony again! And they might WIN the competition!). If you know what's good for you, you will absolutely catch the final show tomorrow night (Monday, December 20 at 8/7 Central on NBC). But before that I encourage you to take a listen on iTunes (there are live versions of several songs from the show plus a totally awesome party version of Auld Lang Syne that another one of our very talented friends recorded) or watch the episodes you missed on NBC. Once you hear the awesomeness, I'm sure you'll be like, "These guys should TOTALLY WIN this competition! How can I vote for them?" Well, I'm glad you asked.

Call 877-6-SING-02


Text 2 to 97979.

You're allowed 10 votes per method but the polls close...oh, shoot. They closed already. Well, at least we got our votes in on time!

So simple, even a four year old can do it!

I was also going to use this post as some sort of commercial for my children's book Christmastime to Me from A to Z but I went ahead and sold out of all the books I had on hand (AGAIN!). "It's great but not available" is not exactly the call to action I was hoping for. Maybe next year I'll master the sell, sell, sell! aspect of self-publishing. Until then, the book is available on Amazon and could most likely still get to your house by Christmas.

This post has left me feeling like a marketing GENIUS! I'm going to celebrate by having a daytime beer and watching football and Title Max commercials with my boys. Happy Sunday!


Delaney Mae said...

Oh man, this post made me laugh. I was totally that kid who wasn't allowed junk food and therefore would sneak out of my friends' rooms during sleepovers and STEAL fudge rounds from their parents' kitchens. Oh, and pre-Tivo (okay, pre-VCR), whenever commercials would come on when we were little, my mom trained us to say "Go away commercials! Stop messing with my mind!" Which didn't stop me from obsessing over every single Barbie ad. Ever.

No Mommy Brain said...

that's too funny! especially the part about the sleepovers. : )

Sara said...

ha ha - Morgan went through the same phase. She was quite sure we NEEDED OxyClean because it takes the stains out of ANYTHING, an iPhone because it has an app for EVERYTHING, etc... etc...

Anonymous said...

got around it by making it a game to find the "pitchline" and what htey were using to make you want their stuff. Worked pretty well.

No Mommy Brain said...

that's a great idea. i bet liam would really like that too. i bet if i start training him now, he could be my marketing guru by kindergarten! :)