Friday, December 10, 2010

I do.

I really like weddings.

And photo booths and silly props and open bars...


Am I trying to imitate that prop smile on the right?
There's no other possible explanation for a smile like that.
Seriously, you should click on it. You can count ALL my teeth.

My husband likes weddings, too.

Yeah, that's the groom.
Don't worry...he probably doesn't remember that.

And speaking of not remembering things...

What's up with the tongue? That isn't even the only shot from the night where I'm doing that. It was kind of my go-to pose. After the tooth-counting smile, of course. Someone should have warned me after seeing my face in this next photo.

The wink and smile is a sure sign that it's time for me to stop drinking and switch to water. It's kinda like when my sister starts doing the Michael Jackson/Elaine from Seinfeld leg kick. We've all been warned - if we see the move, she is no longer responsible for her behavior. So, if you're reading this and you see me do the wink in the future, be prepared. You will probably have your face licked.

Poor girl. Next time she'll totally see it coming.

So, if you're getting married and need someone to liven up the reception, you should totally invite us. WE BRING THE PARTY. Of course, you could also just set up an awesome photo booth with props, over serve your guests and play great music all night. Either way, you're bound to have a rockin' time.

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