Friday, December 24, 2010

The nice list.

I'm so glad it's almost present-opening time because our poor tree doesn't look like it can take much more of this. I mean, seriously, that tree runneth over with gifts!

If you looked closely you'd see there are some for all of us but at least half of them are for a certain four year old boy.

When I first noticed this (probably the tenth time I found myself shoving more Liam presents under the tree...), I wondered for a second if we were spoiling him. But I got over that pretty quickly. The kid has been very good this year. And he pretty much holds my heart in his hands. He's just such a cool kid. He lays on his bed reading quietly to himself and listens to my favorite songs on repeat and invites me into his room for a little karaoke and knows all the names of all the dinosaurs and says things like, "in the meantime" and "actually" and "I'm dubious about that" and calls me on my cell phone just to chat and freaks out with excitement when Wheel of Fortune contestants win the bonus round. You try living with a kid like that and not wanting to fulfill every last wish on his wish list.

(If you could read that at all you'd see that the very first thing on his wish list for Santa is a "very special hanger." He was inspired by a video on America's Funniest Home Vidoes of a little girl tearing open a present and throwing everything behind her - including the gift. Finally she holds up an empty hanger with MUCH excitement and screams, "It's a hanger! I got a hanger! I love it! Thank you, thank you!")

But Liam hasn't just been run-of-the-mill good this year. He's been big brother good. It took him a little getting used to but now I'd say he's growing into his role quite nicely.

Here he is making gingerbread cookies.

"I better make an F for Finny!"

And when he wrote his second letter to Santa asking him NOT to come down the chimney, he signed it from himself and his little brother (both boys have fireplaces in their rooms).

I guess you could say we're all a little spoiled this year.

A very merry Christmas - from my home, to yours!

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