Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hollywood magic number.

Today's title is what you'd call on Wheel of Fortune a "Before and After". Basically it's taking two things that are in no way related to each other and smooshing them into one. It's a cheaters way of making two sort of lame things longer really fun and interesting. Enjoy!

Hollywood magic:

This afternoon on the way home from the ice cream shop where we were celebrating Liam's awesome first day at his new school, I swear to God I saw the real life Edward. You know, like Team Edward? Sparkle face vampire boy? Yeah. I saw him. Not Robert Pattinson Edward. Edward Edward. Or at least who he would be if he existed in real life. (I know, Anna. I'm sorry. But EDWARD ISN'T REAL!)

See, in the movies (or at least in the first Twilight movie that my friend Anna made me watch...), a pasty-faced outcast who likes to wear all black and talk about mythical things like vampires looks like this:

But in real life, he would probably look more like this:

Or this:

Or like any of the kids you went to high school with who went across the street to smoke between first and second period.

I mean think about it - vampires and werewolves, dungeons and dragons...what's the difference?

The Edward I saw today was riding a dirt bike and hanging out by the railroad tracks. At first I thought he was just your everyday average dirt bike kid but when the wind blew his longish hair out of his face, I did a double take. He looked exactly like Edward. Seriously! And let me tell you, there was nothing hot about it.

All this to say I must be on Team Jacob. I know. I'm as shocked as you are.

Magic number:

I don't know why no one told me this before but having two kids is like twice as awesome as having one kid. I mean, sure, it has it's challenges but my oh my how the good outweighs the bad...


This was right after they returned from an adventure up high in the air in a huge bubble that Liam made around the crib (after he filled it with stuffed animals and "dictionaries" and snacks, of course). They played like this together most of the afternoon and when I finally wrestled Finn away to try to give him a nap, Liam was genuinely bummed out. It's crazy amazing to see this relationship blossoming already. As a mother, of course I'm happy to see my children getting along (and entertaining each other and making each other laugh...). But as someone who LOVES my sister, I'm delighted to know that my boys have each other. Hooray for siblings!

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Anonymous said...

Love you too, sis! So happy they have each other!