Saturday, February 5, 2011

He's a handful.

A whole hand full of fingers. Count 'em:



We've had five whole years of loving and teaching and nurturing and laughing and growing and learning and holding close and letting go. Wow.

I'm stunned by the person Liam's growing into and the person he's always been. Just this week I've found myself stopped in my tracks twice by this incredible kid I get to call my son. First he brought home a note from his teacher that read, "When two friends were bickering Liam said, 'Have you heard the expression, If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?'" (Oh my gosh, it's working! Whatever it is I do day in and day out is actually working!!) And then this morning, before he opened his birthday presents (a big kid bike with training wheels, a game he has since dismissed for "having attitude", a few Magic Treehouse chapter books, and a bag of pretzel M&Ms - the M&Ms were the clear favorite), he climbed in bed with us to watch a show (we were still sleeping). After a bit, he hopped down to grab a chair from his room. When I asked him what he was doing he said, "I was hoping I could have a muffin but I didn't want to get your bed all crumby." When he asked for a Snuggie to help keep his arms warm, my heart just about exploded.

And with that, I give you a year in the life...

Happy birthday, Liam! I love you, buddy.

(Music: Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap)

(For a bit more birthday magic, click here.)


Megan said...

*tear* Happy Birthday Liam!!

Anonymous said...

I am totally crying from that video. He is such a wonderful person with all the qualities that make a person great. He is caring, confident, passionate, curious, excited, and able to empathize. I love Liam so much and love watching him live!

-(proud) Aunt Moose

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy! What a sweet video!

Halie said...

So Sweet! I spent a week choking back tears when Ava turned five. Aren't we blessed?