Monday, February 7, 2011

A lifetime in half a year.

This week has been a killer. First Liam turned five, now my sweet baby Finn is six months old. That's half a year! I'm telling you - it's a lot for a mama to handle in one week. Not enough to justify me getting choked up at the bouncy place when a Sheryl Crow song came on the radio the other day (I'm TRYING to soak up my sons but they just keep growing!), but it's still pretty major.

Since I already signed up for a one month membership on the video making website for Liam's birthday, I figured I may as well go for it and make a half-birthday video for Finn. That and I feel like I've hardly shared any photos or stories about him yet and he's already SIX MONTHS OLD! It's not that he hasn't done anything notable (smiling, rolling over, eating food, laughing, making us laugh, filling our hearts with joy, completing our family...), but if I have to choose between hanging out with the little guy or writing about the little guy, I'm going to choose hanging out with him every single time. He's pretty fantastic...

Happy half-birthday my baby. Thank you for bringing mad amounts of laughter and joy into our home. We love you more and more each and every day.

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