Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter out-takes, 2011.

I am a little behind always lately, so last night when I was uploading April photos to share with the family, I realized *gasp!* - I didn't post the annual bunny pics for Bill's mom. I took them - on time and everything! - but taking pictures and doing something with them are soooo not the same thing (just ask the 600+ photos on my completely full memory cards...).

Although, it's only the first week of May and I'm already uploading photos from April. That's like...amazing. If you'll excuse me for a moment, I think I'll go fix myself a cocktail to celebrate pat myself on the back.

Ahhh...that's better.

Now, where was I? Oh, right. The bunny pictures. So yeah, I took them on time and they turned out really cute and I FINALLY posted them on my boys' blog (which is just pathetic lately but I suppose it's better than nothing).

(Bunny pics from Easters past here and here.)

Cute, right? If I didn't know better I might think I was a super fantastic photographer or had mini Zoolanders for children. But that's just crazy talk! I know far too well that every "good" picture takes at least a couple dozen practice shots to get there. Not that the out-takes aren't fun to have. In fact, sometimes they turn out to be the real keepers.

It wasn't just the bunny pics that had their share of out-takes this year. Take this one, for example, of Liam at his buddy's egg hunt.

Just a simple affair at the country club with a fully staffed buffet, two Easter bunnies, a magician, an egg hunt and a take home candy bag station that looked like Willy Wonka's wet dream.

My boys and I totally fit in.

Please note the lady on the back left in the tennis skirt (one of three or four I saw that day!) as she was one of my personal faves. Liam's Easter basket is empty because we missed the egg hunt portion of the egg hunt (evidently 2:00 does not mean 2:15...) and he's wearing a Run DMC shirt instead of something smocked or pastel because that's how we roll.

As you can see by the egg hunt at our house...

Shoes and (properly buttoned) shirts not required.

Classic Easter, no?

We're like a freaking Lilly Pulitzer ad!

I'm so glad my neighbor shared some family photos with me over coffee recently because it was obvious digging through her box of memories that the pictures treasured for generations to come are not the perfect Kodak moments but the one offs, the almosts. "Oops! Grammy has a wedgie in that one." Keep it! "Why is that person looking at me like that?" Who knows? But it will only be funnier ten years from now. "Ohmygod...what am I wearing?!" File it - future you will feel so hot when you dig it up! "But the baby looks kinda...crazy." HIT SAVE FOREVER!

Don't even get me started about the post-Easter photos...

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