Monday, July 18, 2011

Oops...I did it again.

BRITNEY?!? Again?!?

Ohhhh, yeah.

Only this time, instead of a road trip with my sister, I'm going to see her with a couple of girlfriends right here in Nashville. We got our tickets on Groupon. And will be riding to the show in a mini van. Because two years in mommy years is a like a millennium and that's just how I roll now.

I'm sure my babysitter thinks I'm nuts.

But who cares? It's Britney-freaking-Spears!!! And even though I am completely unfamiliar with her new album and have NO IDEA what to wear, I have all day to get in the zone (yes, the bad Britney puns have started already...).

This morning I said, "I don't know boys, we might have to go shopping today. I have no idea what to wear to Britney Spears!"

"What about your mu-mu, Mama?"

Oh boy...

{I will try to post an update later}

Update #1 Listening to Brit's new album like it's my job...just realized "How I Roll" is a song title and I totally wrote that earlier not knowing how punny it was!

Update #2 Since shopping with a post-pardum body (9 months on, 9 months off my ass) and two children sounded like no fun at all, I decided to just go with something I already owned. Why I chose this I have no idea...

Thanks, Liam.

As soon as I put my arms down, it becomes painfully obvious that I'm wearing a denim romper from Target. But I figure if there are women wearing school girl skirts and big yellow snakes, no one is going to notice the 33 year old with her hands on her hips. Right? Now where'd I put that flask...

Update #3 OMG, that rocked!!! Britney and Nicki Minaj were amazing and the opener-opener Nervo (Australian twin sister djs!) were adorable and would have been really fun to dance to if I wasn't busy eating a soft pretzel saving my energy for Britney. I'm super glad I dressed like myself instead of trying to look like someone cooler or younger or who often goes to pop concerts because I actually feel like I fit in pretty well. I don't know if Nashville is just really different from Sacramento or if it's because the show was on a Monday instead of a Saturday (and started when it was still light out...) but there were very few people who went all out. People looked GREAT but I didn't see a single snake or circus costume. I would have been pretty embarrassed if I was the only one...


Caddie said...

Sooooo jealous! Have fun!! :-)

No Mommy Brain said...

thank you! i told my neighbor i was going and she thought i was joking. ; )