Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I can't believe my baby is a year old. I go in between feeling like he was just born to not being able to remember a time he wasn't here...

We celebrated on Sunday with a backyard party which sort of seemed like a good idea at the time (sure, it'll be hotter than a hot day in hell but we can't not have a party - it's Finn's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!) but in all actuality it turned out to be super fantastic/not fun at all.

The super fantastic part was the people. The party was good too, but oh my gosh, do we have some great folks in our life. And the kids? Wow. Is there anything better than looking up and seeing this in the corner of your own backyard?

Amazing, right? But look closely. Do you see Finn anywhere on that trampoline? Of course you don't. Because babies don't really like trampolines. Or lots of people hanging out in their backyard. Or margaritas. They can't run and play or hit a pinata or chat with their neighbors. They don't appreciate a pot luck. In fact, the whole concept of a party is pretty much lost on a baby. Which is fine. Most things are sort of over their heads. But when the party is for the baby? Well, in retrospect, it all seems a bit silly.

Especially because Finn was just not in the mood. You know the whole, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to, thing? Yeah. That was pretty much his M.O. the entire day.

He'd had a cold or something earlier in the week so he was still a little sniffly. And then, because he could sense something fun was going to happen, he refused to nap ALL DAY. ("What? You expect me to just go to sleep and miss out? Yeah right.")

I'm fine. *cough, cough* No, really. *sniffle* Look...I'm smiling!

By the time the party rolled around he was like, "So...it's like a million degrees out here and I'm being eaten alive by mosquitoes and I clearly have a runny nose which is totally embarrassing so, yeah, you guys enjoy this little shindig and I'm just gonna head on up to bed. That cool? I mean, you guys look like you got this. Right?"

I was like, "But Finn! This is your first birthday! Look, baby - there are all these people here who love you and we all want to watch you eat some cake. Okay? Yeah? Okay!"

Seriously? This cake is tragic. AND there's a fly on it.

Ooooh, fire...

Oh, what the heck...

Hmmm, not bad.

You guys!? There is cake IN MY EYE. My eye!!!

Silly humans...

Anyway, despite me not taking my baby into account AT ALL when choosing how to celebrate the day of his birth, we still had a really nice day. And scattered here and there throughout were moments of pure magic.

Nothing we had planned of course. But isn't that how it always is?

Happy first birthday, sweet boy! We love you sooooo much and are beyond thrilled that you're in our family. And don't worry - we won't make you have another party for at least another year...

Take THAT first birthday party!!

Oh, and just to redeem myself a bit, here's a picture of one of the cupcakes that accompanied Finn's hilariously home-made cake.

Much cuter, right? The party was semi-ocean themed. Like fish Finn? Get it? Anyway. I thought it was adorable...


grandmother fancy pants said...

Poor little "Pig pen" You can tell by his eyes he did not feel up to partying---even if he was the star. Glad he got some enjoyment from his special cake--cute idea Mom!! He will enjoy the pictures years from now and it looked like Liam had fun at his brothers happy birthday party.I remember Bill's 1st birthday---we had 27 people- mostly adults. We were proud to have him and to show him off to our friends-he could have cared less.Parents----what can I say??

Callie said...

happy birthday Finn! this just means my girl will be one very, very soon. and we have a party lined up but without nearly the thought put into it as yours. :)

No Mommy Brain said...

callie - that's probably a good thing! ; )