Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghosts of Halloween costumes past.

Liam as a Sweet Pea, 2006

And as a chicken, 2006.

He was a spider, too.
What can I say? He was like a photogenic little doll.

Family pic, 2006.
Get it? Liam's a spider; I'm his web.
Bill's a sock monkey. Because he's awesome.

2007! Cutest little monkey EVER.

And to go with our monkey, a banana and a tree.

2008 - Mariachi Band!

I repurposed the tux he wore in my sister's wedding.

2009, AKA the year Liam started choosing his own costumes.
DJ Lance Rock (from Yo Gabba Gabba!).

We didn't quite know how to jump on the YGG bandwagon
so we just went as Mexican wrestlers.

El Ninja & Gatito de la Muerte.

2010 - Finny's first Halloween!

He was too little to enjoy it but we still
changed his clothes, propped him up and took his picture.

A lot.

Trick or treat! 2010.

2011 - Mario Brothers take two!
Bill had to go out of town so I got to be Mario tonight.

Finn was almost big enough to love it this year...
Liam had so much fun "his legs hurt".

I hope you all had a happy Halloween!


Linnetcs said...

That spider costume was brilliant. A true classic.

Grandmother Fancy said...

Fantastic You are the best!!!