Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Liam snapped this picture of me at the park yesterday right before we almost got killed by a hungry flock of geese. It was both terrifying (for the boys) and highly amusing (for me). I mean, who thinks it's a good idea to steal bread from the duck sack and let it hang out of his mouth while hissing geese swarm all around him trying to eat it?

Finn, that's who.

Duck tease.

Liam stayed home from school because it was my birthday and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than hanging out with my favorite little guys. Plus we woke up kinda late and he was too tired for school and there weren't any clean pants and I couldn't be bothered to pack a lunch and try to get us all out the door on time, so I used my queen for the day (week, month...) status and decided we were playing hooky!

While the boys were helping me make special birthday muffins (after a slow wake up and lots of jammie time), my cousin called to wish me a happy birthday. When I told her Liam had stayed home, she laughed and asked what we had planned that was so special he got to miss school.

"Well," I said thinking it over. "We don't really have plans. We might go to the park at some point. I think Liam wants to play school?" She just laughed but I'm sure she was thinking, "You kept him home for that? If he's going to miss school, shouldn't it be REALLY special?"

Totally. But my definition of a really special day does not necessarily require planning. Sometimes the happiest birthdays (or any days) are the ones that just sort of happen.

Although the happiest birthday parties (at least for this gal) tend to take a bit more planning. And a THEME!

Yacht Rockers, Captain & Tennille with
"King of all the Kids" and Finn (stripes are yachty, right?)

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