Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fulfilling our destiny, one lunch at a time.

Rummaging through the fridge just now for something to make for lunch, I discovered these little guys hiding out in the produce drawer.

"Yeller squash (unfulfilled) 11-5"

I did the math and was about to toss it straight into the trash (I'm a total wuss when it comes to food that might be past its prime) but just couldn't be the one to stand between half a yeller squash and its destiny.

See, my husband has been kind of sentimental about vegetables lately (that's his handiwork on the tinfoil up there). Maybe it's because we're on a mostly plant-based diet? Maybe he's just that kind of guy. Anyway, it's definitely been on his mind.

Sometimes, late at night, he starts waxing on about radishes that no one cared for (and by "waxing on about" I mean HE WROTE A FREAKING POEM) or pumpkins that rotted while sitting out on someone's porch. "Pumpkins don't grow to sit there and look cute. They grow to be eaten! Providing sustenance is their destiny. Their one and only purpose on this Earth..."

And you wondered why my sons are so sensitive.

Up until right this moment, I have mostly laughed at his new found passion. Not because I'm callous or ungrateful, but because writing poems about radishes is funny! But there was something about that word unfulfilled that kind to got me.

Suddenly I sort of felt for the squash. I mean, here it was, perfectly good and ready to provide sustenance and fulfill its destiny and it almost got tossed out for absolutely no good reason (it was perfectly fine). How sad! As I washed and sliced and cooked the squash (with as much reverence as I could muster), I couldn't help but wonder, what if I got tossed out before I fulfilled my destiny? And then it dawned on me...what is my destiny? Do I even know? Maybe I'm fulfilling it right this moment. But maybe I'm not! Could there be something I'm missing? Something major? What if I've (gasp!) already passed my prime? Where's my tinfoil and Sharpie?! Am I really a little envious of a squash because its path is so clear cut? Seriously?!

Our poor children. They really don't stand a chance...

The squash, on the other hand, is in very good hands.

Never before has there been a more fulfilled yeller squash. And as for the kale? Shoot. I don't think a leafy green could dream much bigger dreams than that.

He's blurry because he's nodding...FOR KALE.

As for me, I have to say, I feel strangely fulfilled myself. I made a quick, healthy lunch for me and my son while cleaning out the fridge and writing a post (quirky yes, but finished!). Plus, I supported my husband's passion for produce, had a philosophical moment with myself (that was weird...) and FULFILLED A SQUASH'S DESTINY. Not bad for 20 minute's work.

Past my prime, my ass.


Grandmother Fancy said...

Maggie I checked "like: after your Mommy Brain blog -----but I just wanted you to know whether I check or comment on your efforts I appreciate each and every one. You are special and I love you

No Mommy Brain said...

Thank you so much! I REALLY appreciate it. : )