Thursday, November 3, 2011

Single ladies: a tribute.

I have a question for all you single moms (and dads) out there. How the hell do you do it?! I mean, seriously. This raising kids business is at least a two man job. Maybe more. Who knows - those sister-wives may be onto something...

My husband just got home from a three day business trip and we practically threw him a parade we were so excited to have him back. And by "practically" I mean I made him take a cab home from the airport because Liam had karate and I forgot to leave a key in the mailbox like I said I would so he had to sit on the porch for 45 minutes waiting for us.

(I would blame the baby for having an ear infection and crying for 30 minutes as we tried to get out the door, but that's poor taste. Let's just call it what it is - mommy brain.)

Anyway, despite the failings of my welcome home committee, I can assure you I'm beyond thrilled to have him home.

Because when the baby spikes another fever and spends most of the night awake, it's really nice to be able to take turns stumbling around in the dark, holding and rocking and finding the Tylenol.

And when your alarm doesn't go off and it's raining and you're running really late and the last thing in the world you want to do is strap a feverish baby into a stroller and walk to school in the rain, it's a huge relief to have a husband who can pop a waffle in the toaster and drop the Kindergartner off at school.

And even though you might get a frantic call in the middle of your two minute shower and have to hop out and get dry and dressed and pack up the baby and move the car seat and drive to school and run through the rain without an umbrella to deliver the backpack that someone forgot, it's still really nice not to have to do it alone.

So to all you single parents out there, this one's for you! You guys are seriously AMAZING.

PS - OMG, Beyonce's body is INSANE! I think I knew that already but seeing it just now I was like, "Whoa." I was totally not ready for that jelly...


Caddie said...

THIS is why I love your blog. There is a lady at church who has 4 kids (ranging from 1 to 8 years old), who she home-schools. Her husband is a travelling salesman who is rarely home, and she is always saying how she prefers when he's on the road, b/c when he's home, he "messes up her schedule." Can I tell you what an inadequate mother she makes me feel like?!? And then I read "Single Ladies" & I say, "Aha! It's NOT JUST ME!!"

Seriously, when Tommy travels, I am a basket case by the time he gets back home. I have no idea how single parents do it. Hats off to them for sure!!!

No Mommy Brain said...

caddie, i'm not gonna lie - there is something to be said for the "schedule" that emerges when it's just me and the boys. but there are about a million more pros than cons having him home.
and you are SO not inadequate! if that mom at church was at work all day like you are, you better believe she'd be a basket case too! ; )

Anonymous said...

I work, and single parent. I don't think I'm a basket case... I have always been a single parent, and so I confess I don't know what I'm missing. But I do know that it is sometimes very hard not to feel ever so slightly annoyed at being asked how I do it.

And on the bad days, it takes all I have to ask "I just do what needs doing, when it needs to be done, and prioritise. Why can't you?"....but I stop myself, because it's probably better for everyone if I interpret that comment as coming from someone who is really saying "I'm struggling and you seem to have it together, got any tips?" (Even when that interpretation seems to be very rarely the case, and knowing that, I truly don't understand the question, or what response is being sought.)

I personally don't understand not being able to do things without another adult. I had friends who didn't grocery shop until their spouse could either take over childcare, or come along. I would have starved to death.

I suppose it is difficult. But there are advantages - real, true, deep advantages - as well.

No Mommy Brain said...

I hear you and just want you to know that I'm not insulting you (or myself), I'm just giving you and all the other parents out there who make it happen on their own props. That's all. It's certainly not impossible and you're right, there are major benefits for that time alone with your kids. Personally, I love that my husband travels some of the time! It's not harder, just different. Anyway, sorry if I hurt your feelings. I promise that was not my intention. ; )