Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cats vs dogs.

I've always had pets (one or more of each), so I never really gave the whole "cats vs dogs" thing much thought. How could you possibly choose one when they're so completely different? I liked dogs for dog things and cats for cat things!

But after Cloey died a year and a half ago, I started to notice something surprising: maybe I didn't like dogs so much after all...

They bark and shed and constantly need attention. You have to walk them and feed them and PICK UP THEIR POOP WITH A SHOVEL. They follow you around and look at you with, you guessed it, puppy dog eyes, making you feel like a grumpy old grinch for not grabbing the leash that very second. Going out of town when you have a dog is practically impossible. Dogs are as much work as kids. Kids you can't take to restaurants.

Cats on the other hand are like the chia pet of of, well, pets. They barely need anything aside from food and water and someone to open the door once in a while. They are soft to the touch (making them so much better than actual chia pets!) and great for warming your feet on a cold winter night. Sometimes they even kill mice! Or chase them under your bed and bat them around while you hide under the covers and hyperventilate, waiting for the angry maimed mouse to scamper up the bed and get caught in your hair. Okay, so maybe cats aren't perfect (they do kind of have attitude...), but in comparison to dogs? I was starting to think they were the clear winner.

As Bill started working on me to get another dog and I resisted like crazy, I finally had to tell him the truth. I was a cat person.

"No, no, no," he said. "You LOVE dogs. You just can't remember because you don't like other people's dogs. It's like kids. You know, like, our kids are great but everyone else's kids suck?"

"What? But I like other people's kids."

"Yeah but if you have to change another kid's diaper? That's disgusting. Whereas if you have to change your own kid's diaper it's less disgusting."

"That doesn't actually bother me that much."

"Well, whatever. You do like dogs. You'll see..."

With logic like that, who could argue! Fortunately he was right (I know, I know, you're always right...). I LOVE our dog. We named her Penny (after the brainy chick in Inspector Gadget) and she's completely fantastic.

She came to us crate trained which is AWESOME and makes having a dog in the house way easier than I ever could have imagined. She doesn't bark unless she's playing and then it's so cute and hound-like we can't help but egg her on for more. She is (mostly) potty trained and really good about going outside (except when it's raining, of course). She doesn't get on the couch except for when we let her which is just about every night because if you saw how small she curls up and how nice she is for cuddling, you would totally be okay with it too.

Now that Penny's in our family I am, once again, totally a dog person. And a cat person. Which is good.

Very, very good.

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