Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am selling myself short.

I read my book to Liam's class this morning and, holy smokes you guys. If eating in the cafeteria with those kids made me feel popular, reading a book I wrote and illustrated to them made me feel like a GOD.

Even though it was sort of last minute and Finn was with me and totally trying to steal my thunder I still nailed it. (Yes, Finn, you're adorable. And when you hold up a ball to the class and raise your eyebrows and say ball, it is the funniest thing ever. The kids love you. Okay? YOU WIN! Now can you please be quiet and let Mommy read?!)

So no, the reading was not perfect. But it was so much fun! And seriously, the kids LOVED Christmastime to Me! They had all these questions (most of them were even about the book!) and afterward they rushed the rocking chair to hug me and thank me and TELL ME THEY LOVED ME.

For reals!

I may not know the first thing about sales but who cares? I've written and illustrated a book that kids love. That's...amazing. I need to get out of my own way and let the book speak for itself. It's great. It will sell itself if I let it.


hezza said...

I love it!

Caddie said...

You rock!! ;-)

Hey, maybe you could go around to area schools & read your book (they always love reading volunteers) & build up such a GRASS-ROOTS FOLLOWING for your book that local bookstores would HAVE to stock it. And, you'd get to be a Rock Star! Win-Win!! :-)

Sara said...

Yes it will. Morgan is bringing it to her class this week because she wanted to share it (they are doing christmas tradition presentations and she thought it was a good match.). She asked just the other day when you were going to make another one.