Friday, December 23, 2011

Life (almost) imitating art.

No holiday season would be quite as nice,
without strapping on skates and hitting the ice.
With the wind in my hat and a smile on my face,
I feel like I'm flying or floating in space.
My Christmas is not about presents or toys.
It's all about skating, my ultimate joy.

I'll be honest - I don't actually like ice skating. AT ALL. I mean, what could possibly be appealing about cold feet and falling down a lot? I just don't get it.

But roller skating? Now THAT'S my jam.

Watching my boys tear it up at the roller rink today with a handful of friends and neighbors was my ultimate joy. Ice is nice, wood is good? I don't know. But if you haven't taken your little ones roller skating this winter break, you totally should. Cause wood is good!

(Okay. Wow. That second cup of cocoa with homemade marshmallows was maybe a mistake. All that sugar went straight to my head. I feel like I'm flying or floating in space!)

Just as I was getting Finn into his skates (he borrowed a pair from a friend who was taking a break), a woman skating by yelled out, "Does he belong to you?" I nodded and thought, "What a weird thing to say. Does he belong to you? Did she mean Finn? Why? Because he's adorable on his skates and I'm lucky he's mine? How bizarre..."

A few minutes later I found Bill and he told me some woman told him he looked like he was trying to entertain everyone.

"Why? You're not even skating."

"No, it's because of my sweet dance moves," he said, pumping his fist in the air. "I saw her say something to you, too."

Suddenly it all made sense. "Does he belong to you" had nothing to do with the super cute baby I was couple skating with. She meant did the dude who was killing the hokey pokey belong to me. Heck yes he does! But how did she know? Perhaps she saw me rocking out to DJ Lance Rock and thought we looked like a match made in heaven. Or maybe she saw Finn skating and decided, "There is only one man here who could have fathered a child that cool." Either way, it definitely felt like a compliment.

Put your dance face in, put your dance face out...

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