Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Office of dreams.

Remember that baseball movie, Field of Dreams, where the ominous voice in the corn field is all, "If you build it, they will come..."? I do. Because we were a big baseball family (my parents met playing softball together) and my dad's a big sap so when we all saw it together in the movie theater he was doing that thing that dads do when they're pretending not to be choked up when really it's so obvious that they're like two seconds from bawling their eyes out and you almost wish they would just DO IT AND GET IT OVER WITH because the whole pretending not to notice thing is getting really awkward and all the weird sounds they're making trying to hold it in are starting to draw attention.

Those moments tend to stick with a kid.

But that line is crazy famous so even if you didn't see Field of Dreams in the theater with your dad boohooing all over himself, you still probably remember it and have even thrown it into conversation once or twice for absolutely no good reason whatsoever.

"Hey, cool swing set!"

"Thanks! If you build it, they will come, right?"


Anyway. It's fresh in my mind because I saw it on a billboard the other day. There was a picture of a big burger and the sign said, "We've built it. Now come." I thought, "How funny is it that this one little line from a movie became this thing that we think and say and even do." And then for the rest of the day I repeated in my head, "If you build it, they will come..."

Now here's where stuff gets crazy.

Monday morning I walked into the laundry room to let the dog out of her kennel and all of a sudden was overcome with the idea that I had to turn it into an office. I've toyed with the idea many times before but suddenly it was like, "No. I need to turn it into an office NOW." Then, rather than thinking about it or talking to my husband about it or thumbing through magazines for inspiration, I just went for it.

I started pulling things off shelves and cleaning and reorganizing. I went through the big plastic box of papers I've been using as my "filing cabinet" ever since we got rid of our office to make room for Finn. I made labels and consolidated craft supplies and recycled lots and lots of trash.

And then, just as suddenly as I started, I stopped. I just stood there. In the middle of the room. Quietly looking around. Then, I heard a rustle. In the field out back! And suddenly an ominous voice floated in on the wind...

"If you build it, they will come."

Okay, there wasn't really a voice. Or a rustle in the field. There wasn't even a field. But I did suddenly think, "This room needs a really big desk. I'm going to make one right now!" Which might not sound all that crazy but I swear, me building a desk is just as hard to believe as an ominous voice predicting dead baseball players hanging out in a corn field.

I don't make things. I mean, I barely even buy things. I usually just think about things. Like, "This room needs a desk. Yeah, that would be cool. I like desks. Is it lunchtime yet? I'm hungry..." But this time was different. As soon as the idea popped into my head, I could tell I was really serious. The next thing you know I was measuring things and popping my kids in the car and heading off to Home Depot and asking friendly people in orange aprons for help and buying lumber and coming home and making a desk!

Which is totally nuts and awesome and like dead baseball players hanging out in a corn field.

And as soon as the stain dries and I can place things atop my lovely new desk, I will take lots of pictures and share them with you and you'll tell your friends in a hushed voice, "You'll never believe it but that used to be a messy laundry room until a voice told her to build a desk and, my hand to God, WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT DESK!?!"

In the meantime, I'll ponder who "they" might be. I mean, I built it, you know? So... they could be anyone! Friends, family, overnight guests, Benjamins (it is the wealth corner of our house in feng shui...), readers, characters, ideas, publishers, agents... Whoever "they" are, I'm (almost) ready for them!

p.s. - Please forgive my insanity. I stained my desk inside and the fumes are, well, really fumey. What can I say? I not really a builder.

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Caddie said...

That is AWESOME!! I can't wait to see pix! :-)