Monday, February 6, 2012

Finn's turn.

Today is Finn's half birthday (18 months, woohoo!) but I made him a happy birthday slide show anyway. Because I haven't made one since he was six months old and I make one for Liam every year and want to keep things fair.

Dojo: February 2011

I know, I know, life isn't fair. But there's no reason I can't do my best to be fair and equal when it comes to parenting, right? Although, that doesn't actually make any sense at all. Different kids have different needs so if I parent them the same way it will only really be good for one of them. What I mean is, I will probably parent them completely differently but I'll try to keep the tangible stuff - like birthday slide shows! - as equal as possible.

Plus, there's just nothing sweeter than watching a year of your child's life go by before your eyes. Especially when it's set to music that makes you want to scoop them up and squeeze them tight. As soon as I heard this song I thought, "This would be perfect for Finny's slide show!"


(Baby I'm Yours, covered by the Arctic Monkeys)

As you can see he's...amazing. So sweet and funny and smart and determined. I find myself quietly watching him with a smile on my face all the time. He's a highly amusing person. And he loves the spotlight (and hats!).

Chillin: January 2012

He'll eat anything you put in front of him and do it with such gusto that I swear he has a hollow leg.

Chips & Salsa: November 2011

He can drink from a big kid cup all by himself (after saying "cheers" and clinking glasses with me, of course), and when he's finished he says (more or less), "I do it."

To us: February 2012

He really likes to do things himself and is fiercely independent. Sometimes we have to trick him into thinking something is his idea, otherwise he'll flat out refuse to do it. Like if I try to hand him a drink that's his second choice, he'll knock it out of my hand and swat at me and cry. But if I set it down and walk away, he'll happily grab it and drink it down. Not because I put it there but because he found it and decided he was thirsty.

I do it: January 2012

Anytime I lose sight of him for a few minutes I know he's doing exactly what I've told him not to do (like playing in the dog's water bowl or hanging out in the bathroom or finding the pair of scissors I've so carefully hidden out of reach...)

Clearing obstacles: February 2012.

He gets a lot of time outs. Although, they don't seem to bother him at all. They actually kind of crack him up. A lot of stuff does. The kid's got a great sense of humor.

Cantaloupe hat: August 2011

But he cries a lot, too. Like when he wants to walk instead of riding in the stroller. Or because he's not allowed to climb up on the table and eat his brother's birthday cake. Or because the car carts are wet and we have to use a regular grocery cart. Or because he wants to read Brown Bear a few more times instead of going to sleep...

Stuck: June 2011.

He loves Brown Bear (it was Liam's first favorite, too). All of the Brown Bear books actually (Panda Bear, Polar Bear, Baby Bear...). He also really likes The Carrot Seed and gets so happy every time the carrot comes up. I think he's genuinely proud of the little boy for sticking with it even though nobody believed in him. And when he sees how BIG the carrot is on the very last page? Pure joy. Every. Single. Time.

He's pretty much fearless but it's okay because he's also very capable. And when he does fall or get hurt or scare himself a little, he gets right back on the horse (after a little self-soothing, of course).

Crawling 2.0: August 2011

Oh, and in case you were wondering, he can get on the trampoline all by himself. Quickly! And with props!

Trampoline soccer practice: February 2012

He's crazy friendly with people (beware if you get seated next to us at a restaurant - he will be your friend), but still cries until they come get me every time I leave him at the YMCA childcare.

Popular: February 2012

He says "Mama" about 18,453 times a day. It starts first thing in the morning. He goes from zero to Mama in .05 seconds. Then it's, "Mama, Maamaa, Mama? Mama! Mommy, Mommy, Maaamaaa, Mama? Mama!?!" until I come to his room. When he sees me he gives me a shy smile from his James Dean stance and then dive bombs face first onto his mattress and waits for me to tickle him.

Mama isn't all he says. He also says night-night and ball and yes and cheers and juice and a bunch of other things that all sound really cute. Just don't ask him to say Dada. Even though he's said it before and is perfectly capable of saying it again, he just won't do it.

"Finny, say Dada!"


"No, Dada."




"Finny, come on. Say Dada."

(Big smile like he's really thinking about it then very definitively...) "Mama."

Dada: June 2011.

He never says no. Only yes. Not ya or yeah. Yes. Pronounced "yeth" with his tongue sticking out at the end between his perfect little teeth.

"Finny, are you hungry?"


"Do you want a bath?"


"Should we read Harry the Dirty Dog?"


"How about Olivia?"


"Runaway Bunny?"


When he's tired, he brings me his blanket and lays his head on my lap.

When he's hungry, he grabs himself a cereal bar from the cabinet.

Munchies: July 2011

He can throw a ball as well as most T-ballers (with either hand!), but also enjoys throwing toys, food, utensils, plates...

He's kind of a stinker like that.

But he's so helpful that he easily makes up for it. He throws away trash, cleans up spills, sticks the pacifier back in the baby's mouth when I'm babysitting, finds his coat when he wants to go outside, and happily assists me with whatever task I'm trying to do (whether or not I want help...).

Making muffins: February 2012

I'm going to abruptly stop writing right this second because if I don't I will happily go on and on forever.

Happy one-and-a-half, little Finn! We love you so so much...

The sweetest dream: June 2011


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