Sunday, February 26, 2012

Location, location, location.

People always talk about the importance of location. Location, location, location! But having just come back from a weekend in Asheville with the fam, I have to say, I think location might be a bit overrated.

Not that Asheville isn't every bit as beautiful and friendly and free-spirited as everyone says it is. It definitely is. We just didn't care all that much. Because when you're with the ones you love (and especially when the ones you love are little people), minute details like location tend to go by the wayside.

Because I don't care how many vegetarian cafes or breweries or paper star lantern shops your adorably walkable downtown boasts, it still can't compete with important stuff like a little brother getting dressed in his big brothers clothes and trying to learn how to blow bubbles.

Well, that's one way to do it...

Or a big kid learning that the fastest way to win a game is to take your opponents by surprise.

He actually went with FUCKET. For more points.

Lazy mornings and messy meals and naps and a good night's sleep (or a bad night's sleep...) and tickle fights and yet another round of Blue's Clues or bad guys or Mario or whatever the make-believe du jour happens to be...that stuff can happen anywhere in the world and still feel pretty much the same.

Although, without the location of our cozy cabin in the sticks we never would have had the privilege of witnessing the fastest dog alive discover her speed.

In. Sane.

And no cabin would have meant no hot tub. How would Liam have convinced Bill to join the Polar Bear Club without a (not so) hot tub?

(I guess 86 degrees isn't exactly arctic but it was WAY too cold for me. Plenty warm the next morning though...)

Whether or not you see the sites or rub elbows with the locals or eat something you've never tasted before, taking a trip with the ones you love is always worth it. Because even if you're doing the same old things (hello, bubbles?!), you're tuned in in a way that makes everything so much more enjoyable. It's as if your mind says, You're on a trip, dammit, make some memories! So you do. You pay attention to the moment, fully experiencing it for all its worth. You have to. Because when people ask, "How was your trip?", you really want to be able to say, "Fantastic." (Even if you're totally stumped when they follow up with, "What did you do?")

And guess what? Even though Finn didn't learn to blow bubbles on our trip, he did learn to blow bubbles! Right in his very own backyard.

Backyardsville, Anytown USA.

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