Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrap it up.

I can tell by looking around at the wreck of a house that used to be my home that it's been a bit of a whirlwind around here lately. Rather than sift through it all to try to make neat little stories, I think I'll just dump it here in one big heap. (And I'll try to do it quickly while Finn is strapped into his high chair throwing Cheerios at me and the dog...)

Last Sunday was Liam's 6th birthday/Superbowl Sunday and Grandma arrived in Nashville. Needless to say, it was quite a day. We didn't exactly have a party (more like a small play date with cake) but by the time we tucked our birthday boy into bed there had been 30 people in and out of our house over the course of the day. (30! I counted!) Friends, neighbors, kids, parents, sleeping babies, Patriots fans, Madonna name it.

Liam loved that so many people showed up to celebrate his birthday and was bursting with appreciation come bedtime. "Thank you so much for my cake and my parties and my lava lamp. This was the best birthday I've ever had in my whole life. It's great because of you and Dada and Finny but also, like, all of our family. Even the ones who live far away. And our friends, too. And our neighbors! And Penny! And Miss! It's just so great. Life is really, really great..."

Such a smart young man...

Our week with Grandma flew by making me realize that I'm much busier than I give myself credit for. I'm always volunteering for things like, "Of course I have time, I'm at home with my kids!" I guess that would help explain the busyness, right? Plus, you know, there's this little guy.

He does more than his fair share keeping me on my toes.

So it was really weird when one night last week (Tuesday? Wednesday? It's seriously like a blur...) he went to bed at a normal time (7ish) but didn't wake up until two the next afternoon. I know! I was totally freaked out too. Especially when I got home (I had been out and about while Grandma was at home) and tried to get him up and he just laid there staring off into space and there was throw up on his jammies and he still wasn't moving just staring, staring, staring and I got really scared and called the pediatrician and rushed right over trying not to think about what could be wrong and held him so close as the doctor examined him and crossed my fingers and said my prayers and when she told me he was fine - clear lungs, no ear infections, nothing major hurt or broken - and that the throwing up was probably just from coughing and the sleeping so long was probably just because he didn't feel well, I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and we gladly got on with the rest of our day.

I never regret that trip across town to the doctor's office. Ever. I would happily hand over a co-pay for a clean bill of health any day.

It was especially important this go around since we were planning to go out of town over the weekend and I couldn't leave my baby all alone with Grandma and the sitter not knowing if he was healthy or not. (I know they're both nurses. But he's my BABY.)

A flight with no kids...grand (canyon).

So, yeah. My husband and I totally went to Vegas for his 35th birthday! (And some work stuff he had to do but whatever.) Oh my gosh, you guys, I had no idea it would be so much fun! I think because I grew up in Reno I thought if you've seen one gaming town, you've seen them all. But I could not have been more wrong (and we don't even gamble so that was kind of a weird assumption).

Us + the mirrored ceiling in our room at The Wynn.

Anyway, I enjoyed the hell out of that town. It was like complete sensory overload but in a really good way. Our hotels alone were enough to keep me buzzing with excitement the entire two days. The bathtubs in our hotels were enough to keep me buzzing with excitement the entire two days...

From our terrace @ The Cosmopolitan.

While we were seeing beautiful things and eating amazing food and drinking interesting drinks and having our minds blown by Cirque de Soleil, the boys were having a grand old time with Grandma and the babysitter. Well, except for all day and night Saturday when Grandma was in bed as sick as a dog and Liam was throwing up on the living room carpet. But the rest of the weekend, I've been told, was really quite fun.

Liam had to stay home on Monday though because he was "way too exhausted" to go to school. At some point I remembered that the next day was Valentine's day and he needed to bring cards for this kids in his class. Since last year was such a struggle, I figured I'd cut to the chase and asked him if he wanted to go pick some cards out at the store. But he was "allergic" to going to the store and "way too exhausted" to leave the house. So we dug through the craft supplies and threw these bad boys together...

They're rolled up Mad Libs. The tag line was his idea.

As we were wrapping up the last of the valentines, I remembered that I had volunteered to do a little photo booth for his class party (I did one at Christmastime and it was a huge hit). So I gathered up some props and dress up things and put together a backdrop and quickly made a little bow and arrow (like Cupid...) and some big red lips and a doodly bopper heart headband and suddenly it hit me - holy crap, I am totally that mom. Awesome.

And speaking of being that mom... check out the cut paper portrait of Liam's school I made for his art auction fundraiser tonight!

I donated the original so it had to be super perfect (no Photoshopping to hide my mess). I love how it turned out and hope it will get lots and lots of bids (although I was kind of sad to see it go...).

Valentine's day night we did our traditional scavenger hunt but it ended with a bit of a snafu. The last clue was meant to lead us to a pizza place in our neighborhood for dinner but when we got there, we realized it was closed. My heart sank as Liam said, "But, wait, what's going to happen to the prize that you hid in there?" I looked down at the final note and tiny mailbox full of Hershey's Kisses and Hearts in my lap and realized I had no choice but to let him behind the curtain.

"Well, the good news is I have your prize right here," I said as I held up the postcard with a piece of tape hanging off so he could see it from the backseat. "I was going to tape the note to the door as we walked up. Really quickly so you wouldn't see me do it."

"Wait. What?! You had the note with you the whole time and you were just going to trick me?"

"Yeah. I mean, I guess so."

"Wha...but...I can't believe it."


We decided to go for Mexican food instead and as we were pulling into the parking lot Liam said, "I am so glad the pizza place was closed tonight. Because now we get to eat dinner here and I get to know about your tricks."

And because Finny loves booty dancing to Ranchero music and they had $2.14 margaritas and our sweet waiter brought us free dessert (I'm guessing because of the insane toddler booty dancing in our booth...).

I can't believe it's Friday already. Since last Friday I've been meaning to tell you that Mamapedia ran a couple of my stories. One last week and one this week. Yay! You've probably already read them both but if you would go read them again on the Mamapedia site (and leave comments!), that would be super amazing awesome. They are here and here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I, for one, am looking forward to some major downtime (and that school function tonight and the two birthday parties and a house concert and...le sigh). Enjoy!

(Boo. I'm not sure if I can post this today after all. Bill has my iPhone which has a lot of the pictures I wanted to use because it fell off the fridge last night and the screen cracked into a million little pieces (which happens to be the book I'm reading right now - as you may have guessed by all this rambling...). It happened toward the end of a very long day following a VERY long night in which Finn screamed and screamed and screamed and refused to sleep. What is UP with that? Anyway. I almost cried I was so upset and tired and just DONE. But Bill said they can replace the screen and he's getting it done for me today even though I should have known better than sticking my phone on the fridge but that's where the speakers are and I wanted to listen to music while I was making dinner heating up the special dinner he made for me the night before and geez, seriously, he's a really good husband and I love him a lot and I wish I had made him a birthday video but, you know, there are only so many hours in the day. Anyway, I will post this when I can. And don't worry - Finn will probably still be throwing food at me and the dog...)


ae said...

You're totally that Mom. The cut paper school is gorgeous, and I love the Mad Lib Valentines... inspired and inspiring!

No Mommy Brain said...

thank you!