Friday, April 27, 2012


Once there was a young couple who was very much in love. One day they went to the mall (okay, they did this a lot of days) and while strolling hand-in-hand past the Helzberg Diamond store decided it would be super fun to go in and look at rings.

Wedding rings.

Because they were young and in love and what the heck else are two 21 year olds going to look at together? Polo shirts? Bras? Stationary? No. Obviously wedding rings is the only right answer!

As they were looking and pointing and oohing and aahing, a very nice lady who was exceptionally good at her job asked them if they needed any help. They giggled and said, "No thanks, just looking," and went back to stumbling around the store like a couple of fat puppies.

"Are you looking for an engagement ring?" she asked sweetly.


"There are some nice ones right over here," she said without skipping a beat. "What style wedding set did you have in mind?"

"I honestly don't even know what a 'wedding set' is," I said to no one in particular.

"Here's a very classic example," she said as she slipped two rings on my finger.

One, two.

And the rest is history.

(Seriously impressed by hand models right now. How do their hands not look like meat?!)

I figured I'd wear this ring the rest of my life (that's the deal, right?) but it started irritating my skin several years ago and now I can hardly wear it at all. I'm sure I could do something to fix the ring or my finger but I've been thinking lately that maybe I'd like to wear something completely different for a while. Is that weird? Part of me thinks it's totally wrong. That your wedding ring is symbolic and should remain unchanged like your commitment etc, etc. But another part of me is obviously like, "Who cares?" I mean, name one thing I picked out when I was 21 that I still like today. Besides my husband.

Anyway, as I told Liam tonight when he asked if I was playing Words with Friends and I told him no I was looking at cool wedding rings on Pinterest (I had a cold this week, gimme a break), I can't go running around town without a ring on my finger - people are going to want to ask me on dates!

And then I swear to you he said, "Mama, I think even if you have a ring on your finger, people are still going to want to ask you on dates. You're really pretty."

"Aw, thanks buddy. That's really sweet."

"In fact," all shy like, "even I kind of want to be your boyfriend."



"So I should probably get a new ring then..."

"Yeah, probably so."

Here are some I found today that I think are really pretty:

And then there's this which is just so sweet (especially for Mother's day...):

And this:

(Okay, seriously, Pinterest is way too addictive.)

Wait, gold? I know, I'm surprised too. But ever since Bill gave me a gold karma necklace for Valentine's day (a pretty little reminder that what goes around comes around...) I've realized how much I really love it.

I like how it looks on my skin and it's just kind of me at the moment. Plus, if I get a ring like the pretty little braided number (my favorite I think/not a huge investment) it would totally do the job without feeling like a major commitment. Kind of a funny notion for a wedding ring I guess but I'm not talking about my marriage, just an accessory to my marriage. Totally different.

And then maybe, maybe, I'll do something drastic with my real ring one of these days. Like make it  stop irritating my finger or use the diamonds in a completely new, custom setting. Or I'll just keep it forever exactly as it is as a reminder of that young couple who was very much in love and liked to go to the mall and make impulse purchases like See's candy and engagement rings. Crazy kids... they had no idea how much awesome was in store for them.

We should totally thank that pushy sales lady.

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Morning Cloak said...

Hooray for doing what you want to do. Especially if it involves shopping!