Friday, April 13, 2012

A woman's right to choose.

You may have noticed that I'm not super political. It's just so irritating, you know? Like a bunch of stubborn, confrontational people arguing and spending money trying to convince me they're right instead of getting stuff done. I don't even blame the politicians themselves. It's probably crazy frustrating to have that kind of job. I mean, if you're one of the good ones who actually wants to get stuff done (it seems like a lot of them are just in it for the ego trip). I assume it would be like working at a non-profit times a zillion.

So anyway, I tend to tune most of it out. Because it doesn't seem to matter what I think or want or do, they will just keep arguing and spending boat loads of money telling me about our broken economy. Or whatever the hot button topic du jour happens to be. So I change the channel and let the powers that be keep going over the same talking points until they wear themselves out and move on to something else.

But today I couldn't change the channel. For two reasons. One, I tried and there was nothing else on the radio but commercials and the CD in my car's CD player was the practice CD for Liam's upcoming musical. If there's one thing I dislike more than politics it's 99% of kid's music. (The 1 percent? This song.) Two, the topic was "Mommy Wars" so I figured I'd better brush up in case I get drafted.

To be honest, I had never heard of the Mommy Wars before. (I wasn't kidding when I said I tune a lot of this crap out.) But once they described what they were talking about - stay at home moms "facing off" against working moms - I just sort of rolled my eyes. I mean, come on. Are any of us really "facing off" against one another? What does that even mean? Throwing punches at the playground or occasionally complaining to our friends that we're jealous of another mommy's choice? War? Please.

But I kept listening. It turns out the reason this "hot topic" got hot again is because some democratic strategist said Mitt Romney's wife Ann probably wouldn't solve the economic crisis (duh) because she's, “never worked a day in her life." She went on to say, "She’s never dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of women in this country are facing,” which was probably all she really meant to say in the first place but, of course, the "never worked a day in her life" bit is the part they'll be talking about for days.

Well. I'm certainly not going to get into the whole, "raising kids is work" business because, duh. But what I did find completely mind boggling was Mrs. Romney's response. She tweeted or told Fox News or whatever that her career choice was to be a mother and that we need to respect the choices that women make.

Did you hear yourself, Mrs. Romney? Maybe say it one more time so everyone in the Republican party can hear you.


Like, ALL the choices. If it's okay for a woman to choose to stay home and raise her children (which, I believe, they have all agreed is totally fine), shouldn't it be just as okay for her to choose whether or not to have children in the first place? Or to put off having them until she's good and ready? Or to have those children with another woman?

The fact that Mrs. Romney can defend her choice to stay home and raise her children (yes, with a nanny and a driver and a chef - who cares?! more power to her!) while not defending other women's choices absolutely blows my mind. All I can hope is that she'll suddenly hear herself on the 24 hour news cycle and be smacked upside the head by her own hypocrisy. Then she'll make the connection that a choice is a choice and turn this whole war on everything business upside down. Now that's the kind of politics I could get behind.


Caddie said...

I guess the issue, though, is that NOBODY would defend ALL the choices that women make. Like the mother that methodically drowned all her children in the bathtub, one by one. Or the one that drove her kids into the lake to drown & then said that some black guy kidnapped them. And so forth. ANYBODY would say that those women made horrifying choices that cannot be tolerated by a civilized society, right? So....where do you draw that line?? It's like when I was in college & my mom told me, in all seriousness, that premarital sex is morally equivalent to murder. (!) But - in her mind, it IS. And that's where it ends up getting gray....Which choices do you respect & defend, and which ones do you think are so morally abhorrent that they have no place in a civilized society?
Blech. I hate politics, too.... :-(

Anonymous said...

Limits on choices? That's not so hard to determine. The right to choice is universal. Any infringement on choice is tyranny. The rule has been given to us. An individual is free, save from evil that would limit this, to choose whatsoever he/she would except only when it infringes upon another individual's right to do the same. It is about agency, the ability to exercise choice and conscience, subject always to the natural consequences of that choice.