Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer break.

Hi there. {Sheepish grin.} Remember me?

I don't know what it is about warm weather that makes me want to run as far away from my computer as I can possible get (preferably with a cold drink in hand), but that's what's up.

I remember this happening last summer as well. A friend called it an "intake period" which makes sense, I guess, although I wouldn't exactly say it feels like the well has been filled up since I last updated this blog.

Must be all those cold drinks.

Or maybe it's because I spend most of my "down time" in the hammock these days and it's hard enough for me to get in and out of there without falling on my ass so the thought of bringing my laptop with me has never even kind of crossed my mind.

It could be because both boys are home now (school's out, adios kindergarten, woohoo!) so finding time for myself has become somewhat of a sick joke.

Last day of Kindergarten.
As in, I can't help but laugh every single time I go to the bathroom because the entire time I'm "having privacy" (right) Finny is banging knocking on the door, jiggling the doorknob and yelling, "Mama! Mama! Mom! Mommy! Mom! Mama! Maggieeeeeee!"

That's still how he wakes up in the morning, too. Nothing like being screamed awake every morning! Didn't the Geneva Conventions ban that sort of thing?

It's a good thing he's so cute...
I forgive him pretty quickly though because he's pretty much the sweetest child ever (I mean, since Liam, of course). Having the two of them together all day every day is (mostly) fantastic. And when it's not? We just add water or dirt or sunshine and see what happens...

I guess that's it. Not much to say here other than hi, hello, and I hope to be back here again sooner rather than later. Oh, and one more photo I found and thought I should share:

It's a student project that was on display at the middle school where Liam's class performed their Spring musical. What?! It's just, I mean, wow...there are no words.

Happy summertime!


Caddie said...

OK, I *had* to Google to see what the heck that art project was about! Shep is a character in a novel called "The Glory Field" by Walter Dean Myers, which apparently follows one African-American family over 250 years - from the capture of the first main character & his being sold into slavery, all the way through a family reunion in the 1990's. It's for kids 10 & up - there's a study guide at http://www.glencoe.com/sec/literature/litlibrary/pdf/glory_field.pdf, and it actually looks pretty intriguing. I may have to check it out....

No Mommy Brain said...

omg, caddie, PLEASE check it out so you can tell me if "throwing up on the bus" really was one of shep's more notable accomplishments. sure, "blowing up his money on crack"...i could see that being pretty major. but throwing up on the bus? ahhhh....so funny.

Caddie said...

Ok, still have not actually picked up the book - but from what I can glean on the internet, the "Glory Field" is the name of the field on the plantation where the original main character was enslaved. The family (throughout the 250 years) keeps having it come up in their lives. *Spolier Alert!* The end of the book is where Malcomb is trying to get his crackhead cousin Shep to one last family reunion on the Glory Field, which is about to be turned into a resort. Shep blows the plane fare $ on crack, so they have to take the bus instead. Then Shep throws up on the bus b/c he is going through drug withdrawal, so they get tossed off the bus. It is actually a pivotal moment in the book b/c Shep wants to give up trying to make it back to the Glory Field for the reunion, but Malcomb perseveres ("I don't give up that easy!" is his quote). They catch a ride with a trucker, make it to the Glory Field, and the family ministers to Shep in his need. At the end, Malcomb inherits the manacles of the first main character - they are now a treasured family heirloom to keep them mindful of who they are & how far they've come.
The art project is interesting to me b/c it SO distills the book into the mind of a child. What's important in Shep's life? He throws up on the bus!