Sunday, July 22, 2012


Last year, right before school started, Liam and I had an epic back-to-school shopping date. Lunch at a restaurant, just the two of us. A quick jaunt around the playground. Giggles in the dressing room. A whole day of nothing but Liam and Mama time. Epic or not, it definitely felt like something that needed to become a tradition.

But back-to-school shopping this year seemed kind of pointless. We've pretty much got the standard school attire thing nailed down (khakis, polo, rinse, repeat...), we pre-ordered school supplies through the PTO at the end of last year, and really, if given the choice, would any 6 year old boy choose to spend the day shopping with his mother?

We didn't want to miss out on a great opportunity for some special Liam and Mama time though. So we ditched the shopping and kept the date. And so commenced our back-to-school date 2012!

First a puppet show of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the downtown library. It was a long one (70 minutes) and Shakespeare so, you know, kind of wacky and confusing. But Liam was totally into it. We were sprawled out on the floor of the children's theater, his tan legs stretching out for miles in front of us. About half way through he decided he'd enjoy the play much more if he was laying all over me. I held him tight and stretched out my legs (a big kid on my lap was the perfect solution for the too-short-to-sit-criss-cross-applesauce dress I chose for our date) and wondered how much longer he'd let me hold him like that. Would he instinctively lean into my body and pull my arms around him next year? What about the year after that...

After the play we went downstairs to the little cafe for a snack. Liam put great thought into his choice (this is one boy who seriously appreciates his sweets) and finally settled on the Buttermilk Chocolate Cake.

He loved it.

I love him.

And just in case you're wondering why I only hang out one-on-one with this fantastic kid once a year, let me clarify. We try really hard to have special time with each boy as often as possible. So it's not the "special Liam and Mama time" that makes it a big deal. It's saying it's a big deal that makes it a big deal! Traditions can be made out of just about anything - you just have to make sure everyone knows they're something special.

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