Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Dr. Seuss party for Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Finn shares a birthday with our good friends' son Coen, so it only made sense for them to share a party too.

My very talented and creative friend and I (she whipped up that adorable invitation like it was no big whoop!) got together to brainstorm over drinks one night but as we were leaving the bar realized we forgot to talk about the party.

"I'll hop on Pinterest to find some ideas."

"Me too!"

"Done. Party planned!"

That place really is a goldmine for ideas. Perfect, glossy, are-we-having-fun-yet ideas. I mean, really, what two year old has ever said, "I loved my party! Everything was themed out and color coordinated and, my goodness, did you see the dessert table! Best. Birthday. Ever!" 

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

I appreciate that sort of eye candy but I guarantee you the subtleties would have been completely lost on Coen and Finn (not to mention most of the guests). So we kept the theme loose and let the good times roll.

Grinchy guacamole, one fish two fish goldfish, top hat skewers...

Green eggs and ham!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 style cupcakes and cake pops (my 1st time!)

As for the party, it was also pretty laid back. There was an art table that the kids loved, lots of hula hoops that the grown ups loved, and a bubble machine which, if you're ever going to throw a backyard party or be in the vicinity of children, you should probably just go ahead and invest in one of those babies right now. Minds were blown.

I think the boys had a genuinely good time at their party (which is always the point but not always the case...). Three cheers for sharing a party! Hip, hip, hooray!!!

Having a ball...and eating one too!

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